Personalized multi-channel communication and dematerialization of payment processes are at the heart of the project

Doxee announced that it has signed an agreement with a leading Italian multinational group in the Utility sector to provide advanced digital services. The agreement, which will last two years, provides for the payment of around €800,000 annually, based on the services activated and on the volumes of data and documents estimated by the customer in the coming months. The agreement includes the comprehensive and synergistic use of all Doxee product lines. The project will provide the customer with digitization of mission-critical processes for innovative multi-channel communication to end users and will support the complete dematerialization of electronic invoicing and payment processes.

Doxee will provide post-billing and credit communication services for the Group’s business and consumer customers, enriching digitization process with innovative back end and optimization solutions through SaaS cloud services. The services range from the acquisition and processing of customer and user data to the management and support of billing, invoicing, and digital payment processes.
Sergio Muratori Casali, CEO of Doxee: “We are proud to have signed this important contract and to be able continue to support our customer in this strategic sector. For a large organization, having a clear vision of its digital transformation process and of the value that it wants to create for customers is a fundamental prerequisite for being open to new business perspectives and new models for the relationship with users. The wide range of services and opportunities made available through the Doxee platform will provide additional leverage to strengthen our customer’s competitiveness on a global level”.
The interactive experience products, and in particular Doxee Pweb®, will be made available to offer highly interactive contact points to ensure and promote digital payments.

Doxee Pweb® will be used to deliver interactive documents for billing to support greater customer loyalty through the creation of targeted and personalized content that allows customers to purchase new services in a fully digital way.

The agreement also includes the document experience product for the automated management of documents in the cloud, from template design, to document creation, and distribution to the end user through multiple delivery options. Doxee will provide a full cloud solution for the complete management of the Customer Communications Management system.
Finally, Doxee will provide its paperless experience product line for secure end-to-end management of the entire electronic invoicing process, billing processes, and digital storage of receipts from the interchange system, in full compliance with Italian and European regulation.

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