How is personalized content changing the world of online video marketing strategy? We’re part of this revolution with our Doxee Pvideo®.

Stories are human nature. Whether we’re talking about the first humans, the communities living beside the Cathedrals of Medieval Europe or the 130 million Netflix users of today, humans need stories. Marketers are well aware of this, and they know “how” to tell the story and equally important, they know how to tell the story for the intended audience. This is especially important when attention span is very low.

Today, video is a marketer’s most powerful tool. According to Wyzowl, 63% of businesses implement and use an online video marketing strategy, 99% of those businesses will continue to use video for their campaigns, and 82% will spend more in the future. And 83% are satisfied with the ROI achieved. This data is self-explanatory.


What’s next for online video marketing strategy?

The ability to personalize video content is a powerful and important trend that increases engagement and the conversion rate. Seth Godin defines permission marketing as “the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them.”

The relationship with customers requires two-way communication. In this regard, Godin states that “if you stop showing up, people complain, they ask where you went.” Content interactivity and personalization may enhance customer engagement and bring conversion rate to a new level.

In this post, we will explore what makes personalized videos so effective, and why you’ll want to use them for your next campaign.


Conversion rate of video personalization

Think about it: currently, an email user typically receives an average of 121 emails on a daily base. As you can imagine, the open rate does not reflect the volume of incoming messages: only 18% of marketing emails are read by users, and the click-through rate is a modest 2%. That makes the competition for your email—for users to actually open and read it—very tough. Personalized video is able to capture the eyes and attention of your target customers.

SingleGrain collected some strong data on the importance of having an effective online video marketing strategy. They cite that 60% of users, while browsing a web page, look for videos before reading the text! In the retail sector, customers are 64% more likely to purchase a product after watching a promotional video. Eventually, the conversion rate for landing pages showing a video increases around eight times!

Personalized videos are the next frontier of marketing, adding further elements of engagement and enhancing a new type of relationship with the consumer. Make sure you’re using personalized video to put your customers into the stories you tell.

You can call your customers by name with our video service. Share your products and your services on a fully personalized dimension, whether you want to say hello to a prospect or amaze your customers with an interactive post-sales service.


A new level of customer engagement in changing the world of marketing

Because of the number of emails, ads, and alerts constantly filling up our inboxes, most of the promotional messages we receive quietly pass unnoticed. If you’re a marketer, all the hard work you put into creating your email campaign is wasted! But personalized videos will not go ignored, and for a very simple reason: they call the user by name.

This is the first condition for creating a one-to-one relationship in your online video marketing strategy. Doxee Pvideo® has a 20% click-through rate, and well over 78% of users actually watch the whole video. It is wrong to think that social media is replacing email marketing in terms of effort and investment.

Our data show a very high interest from email users for engaging and interactive content, and, for this reason, businesses should not forget to invest the right amount of time and resources in email marketing.


Data and personalization

Personalized videos are not invasive. We speak directly to customers using data that users have themselves provided, unlike generic viral marketing videos. With the support of professional analytic tools—like those provided by the Doxee Platform—brands can take advantage of those to analyze users’ data to learn more about each consumer and their preferences. Moreover, the results of a campaign can be used to plan future initiatives.


Doxee Interactive Experience – Doxee iX – will help you to drive greater customer engagement and improve the customer experience. Download the solution overview:

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