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Where did storytelling originate

Where did storytelling originate? The “Stone Bible” of Modena

Where did the storytelling originate?: Well, in the Italian city of Modena, one figure rises prominently and proudly on the city skyline. The Ghirlandina is the bell tower of the city’s main cathedral and an important point of reference in the Piazza Grande, Modena’s main city square.

The Duomo di Modena, as the cathedral is called in Italian, is both the landmark of this northern Italian city and in itself one of the oldest and most powerful examples of storytelling in the world.

The universal power of storytelling

In 1099 A.D., the citizens of Modena wanted a new symbol to honor the city’s patron Saint Geminianus and also to celebrate the city’s survival after many years of war and natural disasters. The result was the cathedral, designed by the architect Lanfranco with artwork by the sculptor Wiligelmo who created a series of high-relief sculptures depicting images from the Holy Bible. Where did storytelling originate in Modena? Referred to as the “stone bible,” the cathedral walls tell stories from the Old Testament in the universal language that any pilgrim, nobleman, servant, or traveler of the time (or today for that matter) could understand: in pictures. The now world famous cathedral was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997.

Wiligelmo’s sculptures in the Modena Cathedral, from left to right: the creation of Adam and Eve and their expulsion from Paradise, the story of Cain and Abel, Noah’s Ark, and the great flood.


Where did storytelling originate? From Middle Age to Video marketing

Clear and simple images can arouse emotions and inspire new ideas in everyone. Today, what we refer to as “storytelling” is nothing new, but where did storytelling originate? Different ways of telling a story have developed over time and we can find examples in everything from stone carvings on cathedral walls, to poetry, music, and literature. However, images are one of the most powerful forms of storytelling and perhaps one of the most ancient forms of marketing. In this blog post, you can read about it.

Including an image in your ad can be a critical factor for message retention. HubSpot statistics suggest that only 10% of text not accompanied by an image is remembered after three days. By including an image with your text, retention increases to 65%.

Located just a short distance from Wiligelmo’s creation in Modena, Doxee understands the importance of images and their power to engage viewers’ emotions, in storytelling. Our Doxee Pvideo® service not only helps customers tell their story, it allows their users to be part of the story.

Whether the message is carved in the stone or integrated in a personalized video, what really matters is the emotion you inspire. Learn how Doxee Pvideo can help you put customers at the heart of your storytelling with personalized sequencing, text, images, and audio.


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