Thanks to the digital revolution, like many industries, utilities are experiencing a period of unprecedented change. The challenges for digital marketing in this field are complex, but at the same time, there are many opportunities for growth and innovation.

Sorgenia, one of the leading energy providers in Italy, has launched Nexty, the online video service that offers a new way for customers to experience their monthly bill: video. With Nexty, Sorgenia customers receive a personalized video bill that is made for them. This innovative service is empowered by Doxee Pvideo®.

For suppliers of electricity, gas, water, internet and telephony in Italy and around the world, the importance of digital marketing has never been more central than it is today. In fact, the intense market competition in these sectors is driving the need for new and innovative solutions to attract customers. In this field, a video is a tool that is unrivalled in terms of effectiveness. People are increasingly consuming video content, and they want more and more. By choosing Doxee Pvideo®, Sorgenia’s bill became an online video bill: Nexty. The personalized video bill summarizes each user’s monthly consumption and usage provides energy saving tips and shares customer stories an innovation experiences.


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Nexty: the online video bill that simplifies energy

With Nexty, each customer receives a unique, one-minute long personalized video, which presents detailed consumption metrics for the current month, the comparison over the previous period, what they have saved, as well as the CO2 savings, achieved using 100% green energy provided by Sorgenia. Nexty also integrates the contents of the traditional bill with short themed stories, such as case histories on the innovative use of energy resources. Sorgenia’s new online video bill integrates the content included in “traditional” billing, with access to the information related to the customer’s own supply.

There are many users who find it difficult to understand all the information contained in their energy bills because, let’s face it, those bills are always a bit complicated.

A study commissioned by the Estra Group and conducted by Lorien Consulting, reveals interesting data about the behavior of Italian consumers when it comes to electricity bills: only 12% are actually able to read and understand the bill. Essentially, the average user opens the bill but don’t know how to read it.  


The online video bill that innovates the customer experience

For Sorgenia customers, the old way of billing is just a memory. Nexty is now at the core of the company’s fully digital strategy, and Doxee’s personalized videos are an important tool in this vision.

“Nexty will make our full-digital approach complete. The use of available technologies offers us extraordinary tools to explore new horizons and in Nexty, we have developed a tool that makes the energy bill simple, more transparent, and easy to read,” declared Gianfilippo Mancini, CEO, Sorgenia. “Our goal is to make this tool increasingly personalized, capable of responding to the needs of each and every customer, and also a means of satisfying the curiosity of our digital customers, who are attentive to sustainability and to the continuous search for new stimuli.”

In addition to simplifying customer acquisition, Sorgenia has also improved the customer experience through a powerful tool: storytelling. Indeed, storytelling is perhaps the oldest means of communication, but it is also valuable for modern businesses. Doxee Pvideo® is a perfect marketing tool to tell stories tailored to the user, and it allows users to convey messages in an efficient, engaging and memorable way. Interactivity and customization, together, are the keys to effective and successful communication between company and customer (whether new, or already acquired).

A good marketer knows how important the customer experience is. In industries with high competition and rather low costs of changing supplier, taking care of customers at every touchpoint makes the difference.

A study conducted by Jaywing reveals some interesting data: 73% of companies in the Utilities and Telecommunications sector put customer care first among the priorities for their data-driven marketing.

The technologies behind custom videos are among the most innovative on the market, and allow you to create “tailored” videos based on the demo-, psycho- and geographic information of customers. The mechanism that makes all this effective is the oldest in the world: knowing your customers, one by one, establishing an intimate connection, a “one-to-one” dialogue.


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