Updated on 05/12/2022

Through Doxee Interactive Experience, your company’s databases are transformed into a wealth of knowledge; the customer is directed to the customer journey while building customer loyalty.

Your company has a huge asset stored in its databases, whether in your CRM, ERP, or Marketing Automation systems. It is the set of names of customers and stakeholders who have become part of your business at various times, such as when signing a contract or requesting a quote for your products or services. This wealth of information, if managed in a static manner as a mere aggregate of personal data, risks not being fully utilized and capitalized upon. However, a strategy based on innovative Customer Communication Management (CCM) tools can transform every contact into a fully loyal customer.

This is the goal of Doxee iX (Interactive Experience).

Doxee iX for a valuable Customer Experience

Doxee iX uses cloud computing to deliver a valuable Customer Experience (CX), enabling an engagement path that leverages the satisfaction of your customers. It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that adapts to any corporate database, regardless of the environment in which it resides, whether in the cloud or on-premise. It only takes a few days to integrate it with your systems and a few weeks to create a CX that makes any relationship with your audience of reference unique.

Doxee iX oversees the various touch points of the customer journey so that each stage can become an opportunity for a profitable encounter. Often, however, we focus exclusively on the phase before the purchase, when a potential customer or lead must decide whether to transform itself into prospect and then to a customer. The rest of the journey, including the first moments of onboarding and the intermediate steps between the acquisition and possible renewal of a recurring fee or a subscription, is left to itself.

This is exactly the opposite of what Doxee iX does, which, for this purpose, makes use of two precious allies: Doxee Pvideo® and Doxee Pweb®.

Doxee Pvideo®: personalized, engaging and interactive

There is no doubt about the relevance of video content in general, and brand communications today. Many statistics confirm this. Doxee Pvideo®, within the Doxee iX platform, takes advantage of this trend, converting your database contacts into the starts of a personalized, engaging and interactive video:

  • Personalized, because each clip is made with the information that identifies each customer
  • Engaging, as the video revolves around the key elements of storytelling, starting from the 5 “Ws” of classic journalism to storytelling linked to the viewer’s points of interest
  • Interactive, because the recipient can decide to choose the path in line with his tastes by following are landing pages and pop-ups on specific topics addressed in the short film.

The Click-Through Rate (CTR) rates recorded on several projects where Doxee Pvideo® was used to demonstrate the penetration strength of this tool. They can be considered in the same way as engagement metrics used in social media marketing to measure the degree of involvement, and therefore loyalty, of the public with respect to the brand and its activities carried out with social networks.

Even the bill can be fun with Doxee Pweb®

Doxee Pweb® integrates perfectly with Doxee Pvideo®, helping to further enhance the Customer Experience. Often, institutional sites or social pages do not respond adequately to an individual’s need for detail when it comes to standardized offers presented to a wide audience. Doxee Pweb® starts where the rest of your business communication, even digital, stops.

Welcome pages or a call-to-action created thanks to the platform, are created based on the individual customer. There is no limit to the imagination. Through its compatibility with the most common development languages (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript), Doxee Pweb® allows routine actions, such as sending a bill or the monthly balance, to become part of that experience of trust that progressively links the relationship between customer and company.

Just think of the difficulty of, in the two examples mentioned above, identifying fixed and variable costs in services such as energy or banking, or the complexity of the items of expenditure included in an insurance policy or in a telephone contract. Doxee Pweb meets the user’s preferred reading methods with video guides, interactive graphics, expandable tables: Customers can choose to read a quick summary or a breakdown full of details.

Get to know the customer with Business Intelligence

Doxee Pvideo® and Doxee Pweb® encourage the collection of customer behavior on the basis of data that your company already owns. It is precisely in this way that, step by step, you can enrich your knowledge of each customer. Doxee iX traces all interactions and analyzes them, thus promoting a dynamic and complete awareness of buyer behaviors to build Business Intelligence (BI) models.

It is no coincidence that we are talking about a buyer’s journey, that is a path that, just as in life, can push in one direction rather than another. Knowing what happens in each phase of this itinerary is the best way to anticipate needs and, consequently, to implement a strategy where the Customer Experience coincides with the main resource for customer loyalty.