Doxee announces the conclusion of an investment agreement with Simest S.p.A., a CDP Group company dedicated to the internationalization of Italian companies – aimed at supporting the internationalization of Doxee and, in particular, its Austrian subsidiary Doxee CEE GmbH.

The aforementioned agreement is aimed at obtaining dual support from Simest S.p.A. in the internationalization phase of the Doxee Group, as Simest will act, under certain conditions, both as a lender (up to a maximum of €2 million) and as an investor (up to a maximum of €2 million), through a minority stake in the share capital of the Austrian company Doxee CEE GmbH —formed in August 2022 with capital wholly owned by Doxee—after today’s transfer of the stake that represents 90% of the share capital of Infinica GmbH (hereinafter the “Shareholding”) from Doxee to Doxee CEE GmbH.  

Sergio Muratori Casali, CEO of Doxee, commented, “We are proud to work with a partner such as Simest to support our international development through this valuable financial contribution. Moreover, Simest’s entry into Infinica confirms the strategic nature of the acquisition and the potential for growth in DACH area countries.

 The transaction is in continuity with the acquisition of the equity investment in Infinica GmbH and provides for the entry of Simest S.p.A. within  the month of March 2023 in the share capital of Doxee CEE GmbH and the disbursement of a loan in favor of the latter, subject to transfer of teh Shareholding from Doxee S.p.A. to Doxee CEE GmbH. 

All the details of the operation are available in the Investor Relations section.

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