Doxee has redesigned the offices of its Modena headquarters as a space for sharing, team work, and interaction to support both remote working and in-office functionality.

The company has also opened new offices in via Palermo in Milan, in line with sustainability principles that Doxee is inspired by, in addition to the existing offices in Rome and Catanzaro.

The Modena project, carried out in contrast to the post-pandemic dynamics in many companies, involves more than 140 employees who, after the period of remote work, made necessary by the health situation, return to the office in a work environment designed for smart working, already present in the company before and now widely used at all levels. The office features a newly redesigned break area that has been expanded for employee interaction, and for enjoying free hot beverages and fruit.The new spaces are powered by electricity produced from renewable sources and are designed to reduce consumption through LED lighting systems. The gradual conversion of the company car fleet with hybrid cars and the installation of recharging stations is also underway.

The company has been “plastic-free” for some time now, and it is committed to reducing waste and pollution. Doxee has adopted separate waste collection in all of its office environments, and the disposal of waste, mainly components and electronic equipment, is carried out according to ISO 14001 certified procedures.

Sergio Muratori Casali, CEO of Doxee, commented: “With this project, we wanted to provide a concrete response to the need to rethink the work environment in terms of interpersonal space and to facilitate the sharing of ideas and corporate culture. The decision to redesign the Modena office space also aims to improve the work-life balance in order to provide greater well-being for employees, enhance the relationships between colleagues, increase the sense of belonging, and spread knowledge, following the virtuous practices and behaviors that are the foundation of our way of doing business. Over the past two years, despite the lock downs and the need for almost all of our employees to work remotely, we have done well, and we want all of our new employees to have a positive experience working in a collaborative and inclusive environment that is based on our company values.

Doxee’s commitment to conducting its business in a sustainable manner based on the principles of responsibility and inclusion aims to create value for its employees, customers, and stakeholders, and this is reflected in company benefits and personnel management policies and, in the desire, to improve the work-life balance for employees.

To ensure greater comfort for employees and to make the work environment even more pleasant, Doxee has furnished the rooms with plants, helping create an atmosphere of calm and concentration, which is supported by acoustic partitions between workstations. The open space environment, which is the layout of choice by Doxee, puts employees in direct contact with one another and encourages communication and sharing between teams. In addition, new meeting rooms and phone booths can be booked via digital apps when a private space is needed.

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