Doxee will take part in “We Make Future,” the 2020 online conference. 

Doxee will participate in the online event, taking place November 19-21, which will feature three days of presentations, training and virtual exhibitions.

Doxee will present the webinar “Creating emotional, personalized, and interactive storytelling that exploits the value of data.Francesco Piccolomini Bandini, Founder of Littlesea and Francesco Compiani, Doxee ix Product Manager will present a new vision for digital communication between a brand and its customers.

Creating emotional storytelling is fundamental for attracting and retaining customers. To do so, you need the right ingredients to ensure the appropriate level of customer engagement to achieve high conversion rates for customer initiatives. Personalizing conversations with customers means attracting, engaging, and connecting with them on an emotional level. Personalization starts with the user’s data and enhances it, combining it to offer emotional videos that attract and engage the customer. Such tools aren’t just available to large organizations. In fact, they are within reach for companies and media agencies, internet and publishers of all sizes, enabling the easy and effective creation of dynamic videos in total autonomy.

Follow us to discover how you can create personalized videos:

Web Marketing Festival

November 20, 12.15pm

Platforms and Services Room

“Create an emotional, personalized, and interactive storytelling using the value of data.”


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