Doxee will sponsor the Iab Forum 2021 – Back to Humans

For the third consecutive year, Doxee will sponsor the Iab Forum with the workshop dedicated to video automation and personalization led by Francesco Compiani, ix Product Manager at Doxee and Mirco Chester Planta, VP International Business Development at Babelee – a Doxee Group company.

The session will help publishers, digital agencies, and brands understand how the efficient production of video content based on data personalization and interactivity can become a key success factor for creating a valuable customer journey.

Onboarding, upselling, loyalty, and real-time video news are just a few examples of how personalized and interactive video can increase customer value, reduce churn rates, stimulate the adoption of digital services, or become new content to be monetized through ADV.

Doxee offers its customers the opportunity to create dynamic, real-time video with Doxee’s Pvideo® interactive experience product line.

Interactivity is one of the main features of Doxee Pvideo® which, together with the ability to attract the attention of the recipient through personalized content, makes this product a multi-level communication tool capable of shortening the acquisition funnel and ensuring high conversion rates. Thanks to video personalization, interactivity, and the integrated use of customized web microsites, Doxee’s technology improves the customer journey and the user’s experience with the brand.

The Iab Forum 2021 Back to Humans – the first Italian business event dedicated to digital innovation – will feature three days focused on digital innovation and online marketing, with top Italian and international speakers who will inspire participants with experiences and success stories aimed at building a broad and multidisciplinary “digital thinking. Professionals from the world of culture, institutions, marketing, science, and technology will talk about the evolution of the digital landscape in 2021 and its future prospects.

Iab Forum 2021 – Back to Humans: November 16-18

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop on November 18 from 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm.
Live from Superstudio (by invitation) and live streaming.
Participation is subject to registration. 

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