Doxee will be in Milan for Utility Day 2021

Doxee will sponsor Utility Day, the Italian summit for companies in the Utility industry held both in person and virtually, on November 24, 2021.

Doxee will participate with a booth and a speech as part of the conference program. 

Francesco Compiani, ix Product Manager, will take part in the round table discussion on Digital & Personalized customer journeys, comparing concrete projects governing the end-to-end customer journey, together with Laura Salvadori, Customer Insight Manager at E.ON Energia and Fabio Petruccioli, Digital & Customer Service Manager at Green Network Group.

Francesco Compiani’s speech will focus on Supplier Experience and Personalized Customer Journeys: proactively anticipating customers’ next “moves” and building customer centricity through predictive analytics. Thanks to Doxee’s experience, you will learn about the approach and processes to acquire a complete understanding of customer behaviors and journeys, the different analytical tools to drive customer insights, and how to build a solid customer journey in order to extend customer lifetime value.

Doxee believes it is critical for utilities to maintain continuity in the relationship with their customers through customized digital communication tools, which lay the foundation for developing additional innovative services and value initiatives. The interactive experience product line allows you to transform communication into conversations that help you get to know your customers better, and offer them the content, products, and services they really want, and build solid, long-lasting relationships. This is because content customization and interactive features are a critical success factor, as they engage customers with content that is always relevant and allow immediate interaction, thus improving results in terms of engagement and loyalty and significantly reducing customer churn.

Utility Day 2021 will present 30 innovative projects with more than 100 speakers, offering an opportunity to meet and learn more about the radical transformation that is taking place in the energy ecosystem. It’s an opportunity to guide Utility Managers along the path of digital and cultural transformation and technological innovation undertaken in recent years, but above all to meet in person with colleagues from Italy and abroad to discuss new projects and develop new collaborations.

Utility Day – Wednesday 24 November 2021:

  • Come say hello at our stand at the UNAHOTELS Hotel Expo Fiera, Milan
  • Join us at the round table at 12:55, available in person and in live streaming
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