Doxee will sponsor the 2020 Forum Retail on October 28 – 29.

Doxee will be a sponsor and exhibitor at the 20th edition of Forum Retail, the two-day event dedicated to the world of retail.

Doxee will be welcoming visitors who want to learn more about the innovative opportunities for communications and engagement between a brand and its customers. Francesco Compiani, Product Manager interactive experience of Doxee, will discuss how building a relationship with customers starts with a foundation of personalization. As part of the Roundtable on Customer Experience, Francesco will talk about the combination of personalization and engagement, and how personalized communication based on customer data is the optimal way to build personalized relationships. The enhancement of data—a company’s most important asset—is the starting point of Doxee products and technology.

The Doxee interactive experience product line enhances the user experience, helping companies create a two-way relationship with customers that is highly personalized, dynamic, and unique for each customer. Doxee’s technology, thanks to personalized video, interactivity, and the use of customized web microsites, improves the customer journey and the user experience with the brand.

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Forum Retail, October 28-29, a full digital event

Roundtable: Bring good vibes to your customer: how to use the power of visual and emotions to enrich the customer experience, with Francesco Compiani, ix Product Manager at Doxee
October 28 at 16:10

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