Doxee could not miss the 2021 Web Marketing Festival in Rimini. The Web Marketing Festival returns to Rimini to explore the Universe of Innovation through a variety of entertainment, business and networking events inspired by the ideas of participants and sponsors who make this annual event unique.

Doxee will be joining the 2021 event to talk about the personalization of communication between a company and its customers and between a public administration and its citizens. The goal is always to improve and enhance the user experience through the creation and distribution of innovative digital services that focus on the customer, his choices, and his needs.

Our product specialists will be on hand throughout the event. Francesco Compiani, Head of Product Management, Interactive Experience, will demonstrate how you can create a valuable customer experience to increase conversions through digital video content created to respond to each of your customers in a personalized way.

Thanks to the Doxee Pvideo® product, you will see how the combination of emotions that videos inspire and the personalization linked to your data are able to improve and strengthen your relationship with customers, increasing conversion rates along the entire customer journey and building a virtuous path where the digital customer experience becomes a critical success factor for your company.

We will meet again See you at Palacongressi in Rimini, in presence and online in the next days 15 – 16 – 17 July, to live again the unique experience of the Festival!
To participate it is mandatory to buy the entrance ticket.

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