Doxee decided to offer its contribution to the 2020 edition of IAB Forum Welcome to Metaverse. 

For this year’s event, Doxee will be presenting the webinar, Transforming data into engaging narratives using emotional and personalized videos, presented by Francesco Compiani, Doxee ix Product Manager and Francesco Baldini Piccolomini, Founder, EVP International Business Development at Littlesea.

For a company, being able to create an engaging narrative for its customers by drawing from the profile data and the choices made is absolutely fundamental,” said Francesco Compiani. “By combining personal information and video, you can create personalized and interactive storytelling that ensures high conversion rates. The technology has been available for a long time and is not only the prerogative of large organizations that can count on dedicated structures and specialists. Through our platform, which allows you to create dynamic videos in total autonomy, this technology is also within reach for all media, internet, and publishing agencies.

Doxee offers the Pvideo product in two versions—fully outsourcing and self service—to meet the different needs of its customers. The fully outsourced option is designed for companies that prefer fully managed projects and rely on the specialized team, made available by Doxee, while the self-service alternative enables companies to easily and quickly create personalized video projects using Pvideo features, in full autonomy.

A recording of the webinar will be available soon, featuring a deep dive into the various applications of the Pvideo product and numerous success stories. Follow us  on Doxee social networks Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook 


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