Doxee sponsors the 2021 Forum Retail

Once again, Doxee will sponsor the Forum Retail 2021, the greatest technology networking hub of the year for the Retail community, taking place on October 27 and 28. Doxee will welcome visitors in its stand and will be represented by Francesco Compiani, who will address the highly sensitive issue of the importance of collecting customer data to create targeted communications in an omnichannel perspective

The Forum Retail 2021 brings together industry professionals to interact with leading digital and sustainability specialists to learn how they are reshaping the customer experience, balancing the trade-offs between physical and online in the post-pandemic scenario.

On this panel, Francesco Compiani, Product Manager interactive experience at Doxee, will be speaking about how Interactive Experience is key to dealing with the turbulence caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and how data can be transformed to increase customer engagement beyond the retail store.

Since data is an invaluable asset for companies, leveraging it to amplify and enhance the user/customer experience is fundamental and strategic for communicating in innovative and dynamic ways. Doxee proposes this through personalized and interactive communication that creates emotion and relationship with the user/customer, thus generating a high level of engagement.  

The valorization of data, a fundamental asset for all companies, is the starting point of the products offered by Doxee. The interactive experience line ensures the enhancement and extension of the user experience by helping create a one-to-one relationship that is highly personalized, dynamic, and unique for each customer. Thanks to video personalization, interactivity, and the use of customized web microsites, Doxee’s technology helps brands improve the customer journey and the experience between user and brand

Doxee’s talk will be part of the panel discussion, Omnichanneling beyond the pandemic: 5 predictions to face the post COVID-19. What will be the other key aspects of recovery? This session will analyze 5 important trends of 2021: 

  1. Less budget for advertising, more marketing performance: how to measure promotional campaigns 
  1. Store vs e-commerce: how to optimize store loyalty to increase sales on all channels 
  1. New audiences and engagement activities: how to measure consumer needs and where to find new prospects 
  1. Content and UX to build consumer loyalty across all channels 
  1. ix: standing out thanks to personalized and interactive video communications that can create lasting relationships and increase cross-channel returns 


  • Marco Parpagliolo – Chief Marketing Officer, Chateau d’Ax 
  • Antonietta Chirico – Loyalty Manager, GameStopZing 
  • Silvia Sparago – E-commerce Manager, Coin 
  • Francesco Compiani – Product Manager Interactive Experience, Doxee 

Panel moderator Francesco Riganti – Marketing Director, Mondadori Retail 

We look forward to seeing you on October 28: 

  • at our stand at the Hotel NH Milano Congress Centre, Strada 2,7, Assago, MI, Italy 
  • at the panel discussion at 3.30 pm, available in person and in live streaming 

Participation is subject to registration.

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