Doxee signs a partnership agreement with Nurtigo to enable its customers to adopt marketing process automation services to support business development

The agreement with Nurtigo is part of Doxee’s strategy to build a complete ecosystem around the Doxee Platform®, the company’s main technological asset. The partnership with Nurtigo aims to further expand the range of features available to Doxee customers by extending marketing automation features to support lead generation and lead nurturing activities with Doxee products and in particular with Doxee Pvideo® and Doxee Pweb®.

The synergy of Doxee’s interactive experience products and Nurtigo’s solution will support the efficient management of processes aimed at acquiring profiles of new users and potential customers, their archiving, and their progressive enrichment through the enhancement of data and its transformation into personalized conversations through Doxee technologies.

Enrico Celotto, CMO of Doxee, commented: “The partnership with Nurtigo further strengthens the Doxee Platform® ecosystem by extending its functionality to marketing automation. The integration of Nurtigo into the Doxee ecosystem provides our customers with new and additional capabilities that extend the scope of Doxee products to many new use cases. Our commitment is to continue to promote innovation in communication strategies, supporting companies in their transition to innovative and digital business models.”

Giuliano Emma, CEO Nurtigo: “This partnership represents another very important step for Nurtigo. With Doxee, we are acquiring a partner with years of experience in digital transformation that can really help us grow as a business and in terms of our product offerings. Above all, we share a common goal: we both want to ensure that digital transformation and the related tools are an opportunity for companies to create and maintain profitable and meaningful relationships with their customers. In this sense, we are very pleased that our marketing automation solution represents another arrow in Doxee’s bow.”

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