Doxee has been listed among the best international providers as Technology Leader in the SPARK Matrix™: 2020 Customer Communication Management report from Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, an international analyst and strategy consulting firm.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ research provides a detailed analysis of the CCM market and the providers who are making a real impact with their offerings at a global level, highlighting opportunities, emerging technology trends, and future market prospects. By consistently investing significant portions of its revenues for research and development of innovative technologies, Doxee is able to compete with its Doxee Platform® which enables the document experience product and the interactive experience line in the global Customer Communications Management (CCM) market, which today is estimated at $1.38 billion, with a projected annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.3% between 2020 and 2025. 

Sergio Muratori Casali, CEO of Doxee, commented: “We are honored to be included in the SPARK Matrix™ report and to have achieved such a high ranking that puts us in a leading position globally among Customer Communications Management providers. We have been competing for a long time with international players, and we are the only Italian company competing in the CCM market with our proprietary technology platform, the Doxee Platform®, as well as three business lines that can be perfectly integrated with each other to ensure that companies have robust digitized processes and personalized and interactive contact tools with which to orchestrate and manage the different moments of the customer journey for each type of communication, from transactional documentation to digital initiatives for innovative services.”  

According to Doxee’s vision, the improvement of the overall customer experience remains the true primary objective for an organization that wants to use communication as a competitive factor. Doxee products offer the complete digitization of document management processes by integrating dynamic and interactive customer communications. The entire offering is enabled by the multi-tenant, cloud-native Doxee Platform®, which ensures scalability and reliability across all product lines. Doxee’s strong expertise lies in its ability to mine, transform, and optimize data to ensure robust, fully automated end-to-end management of communication processes, in omnichannel mode, supporting the digital customer experience for businesses.  

Doxee’s response to the needs for CCM solutions is based on the digitization of processes and the ability to create holistic communications that are personalized to manage the moments of contact along the customer journey, providing innovative content and services offered at the right time and through the preferred channel. All of this is reflected in an immediate positive perception that enhances the customer’s experience with the company.  

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