Doxee Launches Pvideo Smart on AWS Innovate Now Marketplace

October 4, 2018

Doxee is proud to announce the availability of the new web app Doxee Pvideo® Smart on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace, Innovate Now.

Doxee Pvideo® Smart is an innovative video marketing platform designed to help SMB and SOHO companies transform customer engagement and conversion through the delivery of a personalized video experience.

With Doxee Pvideo® Smart, users can create a personalized video campaign in just a few simple steps. Campaign templates and other personalized features may be changed or configured in a snap, making it making it easy for customers to deliver a unique, engaging, and effective video experience.

Pvideo Smart is based on the Doxee Pvideo® technology, which has been adopted globally by hundreds of Enterprise-grade companies to increase engagement and conversion of their marketing campaigns.  

AWS Innovate Now offers a wide selection of innovative software to support SOHO and SMB companies in the digital era.

Doxee Pvideo® Smart is currently available on AWS Innovate Now Marketplace for the Italian market with global availability expected in the coming months.

The Pvideo Smart initiative is launched as part of the successful partnership between Doxee and Amazon Web Services to support customers and Doxee partners in their global digital transformation and Digital Experience initiatives, thanks to the scalability and geographic distribution capabilities of the AWS Cloud.

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