Doxee Pvideo® for Animate CC is now available on Adobe Exchange, the Adobe marketplace dedicated to Creative Cloud extensions. Doxee Pvideo® for Animate CC is a free, highly integrated and flexible extension available for creating personalized videos.


Doxee Pvideo® for Animate CC

Doxee Pvideo® for Animate CC is the tool for creating personalized videos whose images, text, and audio vary depending on the recipient’s data. Variable data determines the narration that is tailored to each receiver.

Pvideo® technology is highly innovative and offers the ability to render video directly into the browser, increasing the speed of video playback on all types of devices, thanks to the small file size.

Doxee Pvideo® for Animate CC includes everything you need to easily turn your animations into engaging, personalized, and interactive moments.

Create videos in an infinite number of versions incorporating a wide range of variable content.

The only limit is your imagination.

Some features available for this version are:

Unique content for each receiver

– Incorporated calls to action (CTA)

– Dynamic storyboard

– Voice synthesis

– User-directed storytelling

– In-video pop ups

– Multi-channel delivery

– Analytics


Designed exclusively for Animate CC

Doxee Pvideo® for Animate CC is the only extension currently available for Adobe Animate CC to create personalized videos. Creating personalized videos with Adobe Animate CC has never been easier. You can start with your own animations using variable data, and personalize audio and video content, as well as narrative, scene order, and sequences for each recipient.


Call-to-Actions and interactions

Transform your animations with interactivity: you can include dialogs, widgets, and calls to action in your video to improve the conversion rates of your video marketing campaigns.

Doxee Pvideo® ensures interactivity! Thanks to call-to-action clicks directly in the animations, Doxee Pvideo® is the perfect tool to integrate into your marketing campaigns, allowing you to communicate in a way that is enjoyable and effective.


User-directed storytelling

Thanks to the “Dynamic Storytelling” feature, the video recipient becomes the director! This feature makes it possible to modify the narration path in real time according to the user’s interaction, creating an even more unique and personalized experience.

With Doxee Pvideo® you can create different plots based on the interests of your customers, maximizing their involvement through the direct participation of your audience.


Text-to-speech and Speech Catalog

Doxee Pvideo® allows you to include a smooth, multi-lingual, and personalized narration by reading custom data.

With our built-in text-to-speech technology, you can create synthetic voices that narrate numbers, data, addresses, and any other variables in your database. Narration is generated on the fly, to give developers maximum flexibility.

For videos that require broadcast quality speech, Doxee Pvideo® offers a Speech Catalog, i.e. audio that is produced in the studio by a voice actor and has the advantage of obtaining audio content that, while personalized, allows the video to have a commercial-like atmosphere.


Behavioral Analytics

Doxee Pvideo® collects relevant data from every customer, tracking every action and reaction of the viewer. The more your customers interact with the video, the more you can learn about their preferences and interests. With Doxee Pvideo® your audience’s behavior will no longer be a mystery, and collecting data doesn’t stop at the number of views.

Doxee provides cloud-based services that enable organizations to efficiently and easily create communications that evoke positive responses and actions. Doxee products combine cloud computing technology with multi-channel communications expertise to deliver an interactive, customized Digital Customer Experience solution.


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