The Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting approves the amendments to the Articles of Association to allow the adoption of “Benefit Corporation” status.

In this way, Doxee formalizes its commitment, which began with the drafting of its first Sustainability Report last April, identifying the internal individuals responsible for pursuing Benefit Corporation purposes and the preparation of the Annual Impact Report, through which the company will disseminate the objectives and the common benefit purposes.

The status as a Benefit Corporation is part of the company’s broader path of Corporate Social Responsibility, in continuity with the approval of the 2020 Sustainability Report and the stock grant plan, which are both seen as important employee retention tools by Doxee management.

Sergio Muratori Casali, CEO of Doxee, commented: “The resolution of today’s meeting formalizes our commitment to act as direct promoters of digital innovation. Digital Transformation is part of the sustainable development of businesses and public administrations, which contributes to the positive evolution of the business fabric and the national economy. Technological innovation for Doxee is a formidable tool for modernization, which not only positively stimulates economic growth through increased production efficiency and competitiveness, but also directs and involves the company itself, its customers, and communities towards higher common goals of digital inclusion, accessibility, simplification of organizational processes while limiting the environmental impact of human activities and creating equal opportunities and greater welfare. With the status of “Benefit Corporation”, Doxee will continue to integrate social and environmental responsibility into its business model, enhancing its mission with a view toward creating shared added value.

The Doxee Group has established a series of challenging goals for 2021 that will bring benefits at the environmental level, such as savings on paper, carbon footprint determination, and collaborations with both public and private university research institutes, thus underlining its commitment to continue in the direction it has undertaken for some time now to spread the culture and value that technological innovation creates in Italy.

The Common Benefit purposes that most characterize the commitment of Doxee as a Benefit Corporation and that are intrinsically linked to the DNA of the company include:

  • The implementation of innovative IT tools for simplifying the daily actions of users with important improvements in environmental terms
  • Commitment to promoting a culture of technological and digital innovation with the extensive use of digital communication systems
  • The dissemination of a proactive culture of eco-sustainable development, including eco-sustainable mobility, circular economy metrics, and digitization that the company offers through corporate social inclusion programs and in awareness-raising policies aimed at employees, collaborators, and the community where Doxee operates.

The company has always fostered a work environment that promotes gender equality and the welfare of its employees, the skills and training for technical and scientific fields, and the adoption of work-life balance policies. The official adoption of Benefit Corporation status formalizes Doxee’s commitment for the benefit of its employees, partners, suppliers, and stakeholders.

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