Doxee has adopted the Net Promoter Score (NPS®) system to assess the level of satisfaction of its customers in certain service areas.
Doxee will use the NPS system to measure the quality of assistance and support for all product lines, with the intention to move on measuring the level of satisfaction for account management, for all premium content created for its users, the visual appeal and delivery of products.
The decision is part of Doxee’s broader strategy of continuously improving the experience it offers to customers.

Andrea Rampoldi, Director of Service Operations at Doxee, commented: “This choice is geared toward creating a strong and lasting bond with our customers, a relationship where the customer is truly at the center of every moment of interaction with Doxee. Contact with our customers are opportunities that must be investigated, measured, and evaluated. Each touchpoint on the customer journey is important and plays a specific role in building the digital experience, and it’s a further opportunity to investigate possible areas for improvement. We expect to obtain valuable information from this measurement and analysis, and it is for this reason that we have chosen to embrace NPS®. In this way, we hope to meet the expectations of each customer.

The Net Promoter Score is a global system used to measure customer satisfaction in a simple and standardized way. The NPS provides information on the proportion of promoter customers versus detractors, making it easily comparable with industry benchmarks. It is essential to understand the factors that generate positive and negative experiences for Doxee customers. For each stage of the process, whether for customer service, product quality, after-sales service, or satisfaction with the Doxee paperless competency center, the NPS survey becomes the starting point that will allow us to understand the critical areas where adjustments or corrections should be made.

The customer journey does not end with the purchase alone, but is a path that accompanies the relationship between Doxee and its customers at each touchpoint. Similarly, the factors that customers are advocating for will be investigated

Enrico Celotto, Global Marketing Director of Doxee, commented: “All of our efforts must be directed towards improving and strengthening the relationship with our customers over time, creating a strong relationship of trust in such a way that the customer spontaneously recommends Doxee and its products. Moreover, the data for each of the surveyed touchpoints will allow us to have a complete and integrated picture of customer perception that will in turn serve as an important resource to be shared among different business functions, making it possible for us to provide a holistic approach.


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