Doxee has been appointed as a relevant technology vendor, by Madison Advisors, a global CCM/CXM consulting and analyst firm, in their just published Interactive Personalized Video Market Study.

According to Madison Advisors, the market size for Interactive Personalized Video (IPV) was estimated at nearly $200 million in 2021 and the demand of such products is estimated to grow by 7% for 2022, and it will grow sharply again in the next five years.

As the pandemic shifted computer access for millions of people out of their offices IPV technologies are rapidly affirming the capabilities to leverage data to build compelling and engaging personalized video experience, providing large organizations an incredible occasion to shift up their digital communication abilities. The most significant boost is being seen in industries like financial services, thanks to their acceptance of cloud services which has allowed the implementation of cloud based.

Rich Huff, Senior Analyst of Madison Advisors’ commented “Doxee Pvideo® enables organizations to leverage its existing data and invite customers to extend the relationship through a user-driven engagement more robust than traditional CCM channels. Madison Advisors found Doxee Pvideo to be integral in enhancing the overall customer experience.

Enrico Celotto, CMO of Doxee, commented: “At Doxee we strongly believe in innovation as we continue to invest in R&D to offer companies increasingly efficient products based on innovative technologies to allow them to manage the full range of use cases they need. Our mention in the recent Madison Advisors’ Interactive Personalized Video Market Study confirms the Doxee commitment in new technologies such Doxee Pvideo® is consolidating our presence in emerging markets such as IPV. Doxee is amongst the few players in this sector, we will keep investing to help organizations to leverage data to bring relevant experience to their customers and improve their communications adopting our technologies.

Doxee video personalization technologies made available through Doxee Pvideo® allow companies to give their corporate communications a human touch at the scale of their business. Doxee has been positioned as an IPV vendor that can orchestrate a range of all kinds of corporate communications created through interactive, personalized videos that may be applied to both transactional, marketing, and any other customer-based communications. Using Doxee Pvideo®, organizations can create positive and unique experiences for every single customer who expects to receive tailored content at every touch point in the customer journey. The level of personalization that Doxee offers is not limited to calling the customer by name. Audio, scenes, text and graphics, pop-ups, data collection links, everything in the video can be personalized referring to the customer data to provide a compelling experience and at the same time drive the customer to action, through Doxee Pvideo® interactive features. Doxee Pvideo® includes the User-Directed-Storytelling feature, which enables the dynamic and real-time video narrative change based on user interactions.

In addition, the product offers out of the box integration with the main third-party applications such as Marketing Automation, CRM and ERP. The integrations leverage customer data to generate personalized video content and also to update or enrich the customer’s profile with any data acquired through the user interaction with Doxee Pvideo® such as preferences, responses, or any relevant behavioral information.

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