Doxee is proud to have been named an “excellent choice” by the Aspire Leaderboard 2019. This is the second time that Doxee has been included in the list of Top CCM Vendors.

Investing in new technologies to communicate and interact with customers can be complex, but also inevitable and full of opportunities. For this reason, relying on the right Customer Communication Management (CCM) provider is a strategic choice of utmost importance.

In this context, the Aspire Leaderboard is an excellent tool for comparing CCM vendors based on the quality of services offered and their ability to meet customer needs.

The 2019 Leaderboard recognized Doxee as a notable provider for its scalable, end-to-end, and cloud-based CCM platform supporting digital and paperless services. It was also recognised for its ability to deploy emerging technologies such as AI and Machine Learning to dynamically generate and orchestrate better communication experiences.

Another Doxee service that Aspire believes deserves consideration is Interactive Experience, which consists of two highly innovative solutions: personalized videos (Doxee Pvideo®) and personalized micro-sites (Doxee Pweb®). These solutions are especially relevant for their immediate availability, interactivity, and personalization, making them suitable for all industries.

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“For enterprises that are looking for scalable, cloud-based, end-to-end customer communications technology, with a focus on interactive (dynamic) use-cases, Doxee is an excellent choice.”

Aspire Leaderboard 2019

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