Doxee included for the fourth consecutive year among the best Customer Communication Management providers in aspire’s 2021 Leaderboard. The award recognizes Doxee’s full cloud platform for end-to-end management of communication and customer relationship processes

Doxee has been included, for the fourth consecutive year, in the 2021 Aspire Leaderboard for Customer Communications Management published by Aspire, a leading international analyst and consulting firm specializing in Customer Communications Management and Digital Customer Experience.

The Aspire Leaderboard CCM 2021 ranks the top international CCM solutions providers. The ranking reflects a changing marketplace that is converging towards the world of Digital Customer Experience, identifying the most technologically advanced solution providers, globally.

Doxee was recognized as an “excellent choice” for supporting the most important companies in Europe, with a “high quality” offering for the entire CCM market. The company was also recognized for its effective implementation of emerging AI and Machine Learning technologies able to dynamically generate and orchestrate highly engaging communication experiences, through its interactive experience product line.

Doxee products are all based on the proprietary Doxee Platform®, which is totally cloud-based and therefore highly scalable and reliable. The platform enables the management of a variety of use cases, from typical transactions to innovative scenarios such as electronic payment management, personalized experience through interactive video content, conversational messaging, and the digitization of CRM processes.

Kaspar Roos, Founder & CEO of Aspire: “Doxee is a long-time data provider of high-quality CCM solutions. Its solutions are based on scalable cloud architectures and it has experienced strong diffusion among some of the largest companies in Europe. The Doxee software is also suitable for smaller companies, especially if we consider its technological offer relating to the digital experience. For companies looking for scalable, cloud-based, end-to-end customer communication management technology specializing in interactive and dynamic use cases, Doxee is an excellent choice.”

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