Further recognition for Doxee’s video content development for customer relationship management

Doxee has been included in the Tech TideTM: Creative Technologies report by Forrester, a leading international research and consulting firm specializing in the Information Technology sector.

The Forrester Tech Tide: Creative Technologies report provides in-depth analysis for each of the most relevant technology categories. Doxee, included in the Personalized Video for Marketing category, was recognized for the innovative technology behind its Doxee Pvideo® product, which enables companies to create and automate personalized video content from data transformation, helping to innovate communication strategies and ensuring immediate and measurable returns in terms of improved customer experience, reduced churn and, consequently, increased ROI.

Forrester analyzes the personalized video market as a marketing tool oriented toward the digitalization of communication and promotion processes of SMB and SME companies, underlining its great potential and rapid growth prospects. The report clearly demonstrates the need for marketing departments to have technology capable of simplifying the production process of video creativity, which normally requires significant investment and specialist skills.

Sergio Muratori Casali, CEO of Doxee, commented: “We are honored to be included in this report. Companies and Public Administrations are today in an initial experimentation phase in terms of the real potential that personalized video technology offers and of its applicability to countless use cases. They are united by the need to quickly transform how they manage the relationship with customers and citizens by experimenting with new ways of interaction aimed at greater customer involvement and greater simplification of processes and content. With the Doxee interactive experience, we offer companies an innovative tool that exploits the data enables them to effectively communicate and manage the relationship with the customer effectively while maximizing engagement.  This is the Doxee Pvideo® product, an ideal and easy-to-use tool for SMB and SME companies that automate the production of personalized and interactive video content, also thanks to the recent acquisition of the Babelee platform, which is designed with a focus on the user experience.

Thanks to the new release of Doxee Pvideo®, which includes many of the features built into the Babelee platform, the ability to reprocess and integrate data, along with the need for specific skills, is no longer a constraint for organizations who want to develop personalized videos in-house

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