Doxee confirms its commitment to public administrations by continuing to develop strategic and innovative projects to support the digital transformation of communications between institutions and citizens.  

 The local and central public administration sector has a high potential for growth, with increased demand generated in the last two years. Public administrations need use cases that guarantee efficiency, improved revenues, and rapid tax collection through digital payments. OR Public administrations need use cases for digital payments that guarantee efficiency, improved revenues, and rapid tax collection

 In 2020, Doxee developed several personalized and interactive campaigns for various public bodies, including the Lombardy Region, the Lazio Region, and the Municipality of Milan, to promote useful and relevant services for citizens through relationship and contact models based on the Doxee Pvideo® technology, reaching one and a half million users. 

These public administration projects help promote the simplification of processes to benefit citizens for a more digital Italy. These include initiatives that raise awareness for the adoption of SPID, projects that promote training services offered by the Lazio Region to support young people entering the workforce, to services for student orientation at the University of Palermo. It also included the campaign for communicating the expiration of the Citizen Identity Card, which was carried out for several municipalities including Milan, Cesena, and Bagnacavallo.  

Through new communication tools that enhance the wealth of data that public bodies have at their disposal, Doxee helps public administrations revisit their relationship strategies for communicating with citizens and businesses. These new strategies promote relationships built on targeted content, characterized by a high level of personalization and interactivity, and therefore able to reach and effectively involve a much wider audience of users than traditional methods.  

Sergio Muratori Casali, CEO of Doxee, commented: “The development of initiatives to support Digital Transformation in the PA sector is one of the primary objectives of Doxee’s core business. Thanks to the technologies and tools we have developed, we ensure high returns for the digital initiatives of central and local governments, enabling them to receive payments directly and facilitating the citizen’s dialog with the authorities and the fulfillment of their obligations. Our experience alongside public administrations confirms this. The percentage of complete views of the videos we produce does not fall below 80%, and in many cases, exceeds 90%. We are convinced that the necessary simplification of the public administration is favored by a communication strategy that is completely different from the past. Here, this requires combining video with the emotional involvement and the immediacy of the message with a skillful transformation and optimization of data, which is a strategic resource for obtaining such important results in our projects. In this way, we feed and encourage an increasing acceptance of digital tools by citizens over time, setting new horizons for the creation of digital services that will facilitate the relationship between people and the public administration.” 

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