Amadori chooses Doxee products to digitize its accounting processes.

Doxee announced that Amadori, a leading European agri-food business company, has embarked on a journey to digitize its accounting processes by choosing Doxee’s Electronic Invoicing and Legal Electronic Archiving products.

Amadori stands out in the market for the integrated management of its supply chain, consisting of 5 food processing plants, 5 hatcheries, 4 proprietary feed mills, and one under contract, more than 800 farms under both direct management and under contract, as well as 3 logistics platforms, and 19 distribution centers between branches and agencies, which guarantee widespread distribution throughout Italy.

Thanks to this expertise, Amadori needed to improve the efficiency of processes related to tax and regulatory compliance, embarking on a path for their dematerialization, starting with the digitization of general accounting.

The collaboration between Doxee and Amadori dates back to 2008 and has included various administrative and financial areas over time. Today, the integration of the adopted solutions ensures Amadori’s effective document management and secure and efficient governance, enabling the optimization of resources and creating added value to the entire business, both in Amadori’s internal processes and in the relationship with third parties, individuals, and institutions.

In addition to introducing electronic invoicing from Doxee, Amadori has adopted Doxee Legal Electronic Archiving product, which ensures the integrity, immodifiability, and authenticity of the documents being archived, which are maintained in accordance with the highest security standards, and includes a comprehensive reporting system to track all processes and capture the information they need.

Doxee has dematerialized over 30 million pages for Amadori, managing 100 GB per year of information, resulting in significant paper savings and high automation of compliance-related processes.

Enrico Celotto, CMO of Doxee “The consolidation of the partnership with Amadori represents further confirmation of the effectiveness of Doxee products, the Doxee paperless experience line in particular, which is dedicated to the dematerialization of tax and document processes related to compliance. We are proud that such an important industry leader has continued to turn to Doxee as a reliable partner in the area of digital transition and process dematerialization. Moreover, with this choice, our customer contributes to the improvement of its own carbon footprint by drastically reducing the use of paper.

The know-how and expertise gained over many years ensure that Doxee products are constantly aligned with evolving tax regulations and document integrity and relieve customers of the burden of equipping themselves internally with the skills and technologies necessary to stay continuously up to date with technology and regulations. 

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