Doxee continues its commitment to enhancing and growing its employees’ professional skills and achieving the SDGs goals set by United Nations.
In 2021, the Company provided 3878 hours of mandatory and professional training involving 150 employees, with the goal of creating solid conditions for their growth and for innovation. 

The training plan, based on an internal platform, aims to develop agile and interactive learning for acquiring skills in Health and Safety, Data Protection, and development of soft skills, supplemented by additional training provided in person or remotely, given the geographical distribution of employees in different offices.  

This commitment responds to the growing demand for greater diffusion of the issues of technological and digital innovation and the use of digital communication systems in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4: Quality Education, a fundamental pillar of the Company’s sustainable actions towards the creation of shared value with all stakeholders.

Sergio Muratori Casali, CEO of Doxee, commented: “The growth and enhancement of human capital is one of our core values and an area of constant investment, starting from recruiting and onboarding and throughout the employee’s tenure, and through the organization of targeted initiatives to support the proper implementation of organizational processes. We consider our people a fundamental and irreplaceable asset for continuous improvement of the company’s economic and social fabric, and for this reason, we believe that social commitment is an integral and distinctive element of our business.

Doxee strongly believes in the educational value of work as a lever for business development and prosperity. Participation in university initiatives, such as Career Days, allow Doxee to introduce itself to a student audience by talking about the business model and the markets where it operates. In the first half of 2022, Doxee activated 22 internships in different business areas, including Marketing, Human Resources, Funded Innovation, Technology & Research, Administration, and Compliance.

We welcome new hires by following a defined and structured induction process,” continues Muratori Casali, “because we want each person to feel welcomed and valued from their first day at Doxee. We have reinforced this message by providing our new hires with a Welcome Kit under the banner of sustainability and a voucher to help them set up their own at-home workstation.

In fact, for each of its 160 employees, 30% of which are women, Doxee has defined an individual agreement that defines its hybrid work policy, which includes both in-office and remote work options. 

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