Doxee has partnered with Scrive, an electronic signature and identification solutions provider, to offer its customers the ideal tool for digitizing contract signing processes.   

The agreement with Scrive is part of Doxee’s overall strategy to build an application ecosystem for the Doxee Platform®. With Scrive’s e-signature solutions combined with Doxee’s document experience (dx) and paperless experience (px) products, customers will be able to digitize complex processes that are seamlessly integrated with the tools and procedures they already use within their organizations. 

More companies are choosing to include contract lifecycle digitization and document workflow management in their digital transformation plans, combining the need to quickly and easily obtain documents that have legal value and are suitable for long-term preservation, ensuring both integrity and immodifiability. 

Enrico Celotto, CMO of Doxee, commented: “The integration of Scrive’s e-signature solution with the Doxee Platform® provides customers with complete support for the digitization of critical processes such as those related to acquiring new customers or the sale of additional services, in complete synergy with our document experience and paperless experience products, ensuring rapid implementation, simplicity in process management, and immediacy and convenience for users and consumers. Thanks to this integration, the Doxee Platform® can now support customers in the operability required by business processes that also require signatures, so all steps are integrated into a single end-to-end digital workflow without interruptions and with significant time savings, all factors that positively affect the relationship and contact with end customers. 

We are thrilled about the partnership with Doxee and being able to offer the Scrive experience to the Italian market. This is a big step in our journey to become the European leader in e-signatures”, says Paula Palk, Head of Partners at ScriveWith this integration customers can digitalize and speed up all processes related to acquiring new customers, as they can sign on any device, in person or remotely. This will reduce costs and eliminate many administrative tasks and lead times while providing a premium customer experience”. 

The electronic signature is now an indispensable element when companies choose the path of progressive digitalization, given that improving the customer experience is such a critical factor for business development.  

Thanks to the agreement with Scrive, the inclusion of Electronic Signature among the Doxee px product line enables the total elimination of paper at each step, reducing waiting times to just a few clicks. A leading gas provider in Italy has chosen the complete digitalization of all the steps of the supplier management process, starting from the electronic acquisition of the contract signature, offering a completely digital and extremely simplified onboarding process that customers appreciate.  

The company Società Elettrica Liparese has decided to convert the entire process of customer forms to digital, starting from the interactive invoice created with Doxee Pweb® to make any kind of change or to request connections. The electronic signature integrated with Scrive’s solutions makes the entire process of signing contracts absolutely reliable and completely traceable from a legal point of view.

Many leading companies in the utility sector including Eni Gas e LuceSorgenia, and Iren have long used Doxee products as a lever to accelerate the digitization of processes related to the management of their business and the relationship with customers, combining the need to obtain a positive effect on the environment thanks to the drastic reduction in the use of paper.   

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