Doxee At Netcomm Forum – May 3 and 4, 2022


On May 3- 4th, Doxee will take part in the Netcomm Forum 2022, the largest Italian event dedicated to Ecommerce and Digital Transformation.

An estimated 17,000 attendees will participate in the event, held in person this year,  which will include three plenary conferences and over 200 workshops and events organized by sponsors and partners.

The Netcomm Forum is a unique opportunity to discover the most innovative trends related to the evolution of consumers and new technologies, to deepen the understanding of the business impacts of digital distruption, and to meet international professionals in the digital ecosystem.

The main topics that will be addressed are:

  • Export (how to deal with digital markets in the world, strategies, operational approaches, and characteristics of countries in the global market);
  • Store digitalization (omnichannel trends and perspectives for new retail);
  • Legal & fiscal (the most innovative perspectives from the legal and fiscal scenario and the main elements affecting the development of a digital business);
  • Logistics & packaging (perspectives and solutions from warehouse management; evolutions for logistics operators and merchants);
  • E-commerce & digital strategy (how to orient strategic decisions towards an innovative and sustainable evolution of company business)
  • Payments & fintech (the scenario of payment systems for today and tomorrow future in light of new technological solutions, the regulatory scenario, and consumer purchasing behavior);
  • Enabling technology (the most effective and promising digital retail technologies that are reshaping the how companies do business and their  relationship with customers);
  • Marketing and martech (marketing for digital companies: adv strategies, user experience, marketing automation, livestreaming commerce and technological evolutions to support branding and engagement objectives).



Statistics from Netcomm 2020 and 2021: 

+ 12k visitors

+ 30k attendees

+ 300 exhibitors

+300 meetings 



On May 4 at 3:30 p.m., Francesco Compiani, Doxee Head of Product Management for Interactive Experience, will deliver the speech “Delivering a valuable customer experience and increasing conversions with personalized video.”  In this session, he will present the potential of Doxee Pvideo®, the Doxee product that allows you to create interactive and personalized communications with customers by delivering messages efficiently, compellingly, and memorably through personalized video.

Doxee Pvideo® combines the power of personalized storytelling with the effectiveness of actions placed directly in video content, resulting in high conversion rates. Discover how to effectively communicate with millions of users by establishing consistent, valuable two-way communication.


We hope to see you at the Netcomm Forum! Visit us at booth 0-H7, MiCo Nord, Level 0.



MiCo – Milano Congressi

North Entrance: Via Gattamelata 5, 20149 Milan – MiCo Gate 13

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