Digital Customer Engagement, the winning formula for creating a valuable relationship 

October 13, 2021, 11.00 am

Workshop organized by Bancaforte, Innovation Key

At the Bancaforte Innovation Workshop, Doxee, Nexi and PostePay will discuss Digital Customer Engagement, a topic that is now central to the relationship between company and customer.
But what characteristics must it have to succeed in increasing interaction, dialog, trust and for creating real value?
And how are banks, insurance companies, and financial operators responding?
What are the main challenges to be faced?

These are just some of the questions that will be discussed in the Bancaforte workshop, “Digital Customer Engagement, the winning formula for creating a valuable relationship“, organized in collaboration with Doxee on October 13. Doxee’s Francesco Compiani, Interactive Experience Product Manager, Nexi’s Flaminio Francisci, Customer Value Management Director, and PostePay’s Piergiorgio Petrolo will take part in this session.

The workshop will host a panel of experts who will talk about the evolution of digital customer engagement in the financial world. The pandemic has been a watershed event that has forced the evolution of e-commerce for closing the gap between customer and company, making us understand the absolute necessity of digital and the need for empathy, real interaction, attention to human contact, and attention to sustainability and values. Not only that. Customers are looking for an exciting experience with content and tools that are increasingly “tailored” but at the same time easy to use. Hence, there is also the need to improve interactivity and the ability to manage customer requests in real-time, in a personalized way, and on different channels, transforming the dialog on all touchpoints with communication that responds to customer needs and is therefore always relevant. Data management, real-time personalization, cross-channel, and cross-device homogeneous experience are some of the challenges to face today and in the near future.

Customers want to be treated as unique individuals, and they expect companies to know their preferences and purchase history. To do this, companies must be able to leverage their customer interactions across all platforms and turn that data into actionable insights.

10:50 am Connection opening
11:00 am Start of Innovation Workshop
Moderated by  Flavio Padovan, Chief Editor of Bancaforte
Speakers Francesco CompianiProduct Manager Interactive Experience at Doxee, Flaminio FrancisciCustomer value management Director at Nexi, Piergiorgio PetroloHead of customer value management at PostePay

The workshop is free to attend and registration is required

We look forward to seeing you there!

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