Doxee and Bantotal launch a global technology partnership. Financial institutions in Latin America  will be able to use Doxee Pvideo® to create digital communications for their clients.

Doxee (DOX:IM), a leading high-tech multinational company offering products for Customer Communications Management, Digital Customer Experience, and Paperless, and Bantotal, the leading banking platform in Latin America, that solves critical mission operations of the Financial Institutions in a simple, complete and precise way, announce that they have signed an agreement to start a global technology partnership for the provision of digital communication services to companies and financial institutions. The agreement was signed during 2019.

The integration of Doxee interactive experience product with the Bantotal platform will allow financial services customers to benefit from Doxee products for the creation and management of a comprehensive multi-channel and interactive Digital Customer Experience. The partnership can be extended to the digitization of transactional and tax processes, accelerating the journey to digital for banks and financial companies.

Doxee innovative technologies will be now available for the finance industry in LATAM through the partnership with Bantotal, who is a market leader in the region. Through the partnership, banks and financial companies will be able to offer their customers a complete multi-channel digital experience. Bantotal customers will be able to extract the hidden value from data to offer personalized and interactive experiences while acquiring more information through the bi-directional features of Doxee interactive experience products.

Sergio Muratori Casali,  CEO of Doxee, commented: The integration of Doxee Pvideo with the Bantotal platform represents a unique and innovative offering for the financial market in Central and South America. The implementation of the agreement will make it possible to achieve important synergies for the development of cloud solutions dedicated to the digital transformation of companies in this area of the world that is so extensive and strategic for us.

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