Doxee  signed a binding agreement for the acquisition of 90% of Infinica GmbH, a company specializing in the development of software for Customer Communications Management, with an option on the remaining 10%.

This transaction is another important step in Doxee’s overall strategic plan to position itself as one of the main European technology vendors in the Digital Customer Experience and Customer Communications Management fields.

Infinica is an Austrian technology vendor that operates in CCM with branches in Germany – Infinica Deutschland GmbH – and Slovakia – Infinica Slovakia s.r.o. The company has developed its SaaS platform which is sharply focused on providing CCM services dedicated to creating and distributing on-demand personalized and interactive documents, aimed at the management of multiple processes directed to customers such as onboarding and customer caring. The Infinica Group’s offering mainly targets clients in the Banking, Insurance and Utilities sectors.  Moreover, Infinica’s technology has obtained the SalesForce certification and is also distributed by the SalesForce AppExchange marketplace.

Sergio Muratori Casali, CEO of Doxee, commented: “The acquisition of Infinica represents a fundamental step in our growth programme in line with our strategic roadmap, and it confirms our propensity to evolve dynamically with the aim of assuming a leadership position in the European market. With this acquisition, interesting development prospects open up for us: taking advantage of the local roots in the DACH region and the high quality of Infinica’s solutions, we expect important synergies both in terms of cross-selling and up-selling, and also of development in terms of joint product innovation thanks to the focus on the respective areas of excellence and specialisation. We enthusiastically welcome Herbert Liebl, CEO and the entire team of Infinica, who wanted to join us on this path that will allow us to grow in size and expand and diversify our offering, in order to compete more effectively in international markets”.

“This acquisition represents a fundamental opportunity to grow the offering of Infinica, which will thus be able to enrich its portfolio of products and solutions, – continued Herbert Liebl, CEO of Infinica. – I am firmly convinced of the growth potential of the Doxee Group and thanks to the complementarity of products and technology, as well as the unity of vision with top management, we will be able to move forward rapidly in achieving important results.”

The transaction regards the acquisition by Doxee S.p.A. of 90% of Infinica GmbH’s capital, with an option on the remaining 10%, from the current stakeholders and sellers Herbert Liebl, Innovatic GmbH and Jürgen Pfalzer, for an overall amount of around € 9.5 million.

The details of the M&A operation are available in the Investor Relations section and will be illustrated by Sergio Muratori Casali in the conference organized for Friday 16 September at 12:00 by connecting to this link

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