Communication.  Engagement.  Interaction.  These kinds of words, and others like them, have become the mantras of marketing gurus and business attraction experts.  Strategies and discussions around how to use these to gain a competitive business advantage in today’s world are everywhere. When it comes to business strategy, everyone seems to be interested in how they can better connect with their niche market, and then use that connection to convey an idea, product, or service offering most effectively. While video content marketing isn’t the only option out there, it continues to be one of the better solutions available, growing in popularity as time goes by.  In fact, here are four reasons why you need to use video content marketing!


#1 – Attention Grabbing Abilities

Whether you are trying to stand out on an ever competitive Facebook feed, drive clicks from your email campaign recipients, or just encourage visitors to stay on your website for a few moments longer, video content seems to be one of the best tactics for grabbing someone’s attention quickly and holding it longer. In fact, a recent eMarketer article states that about four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than just read about it.  Additionally, Insivia video stats indicate that people spend, on average, about 2.6 times longer on a page with video content, compared to those pages without any video features.  These are just a few of the many statistics generated from the study of video content marketing.

What this all means is that video content marketing has a unique way of beckoning people to stop, stay, and watch.  When incorporated into an otherwise solid marketing plan, it can truly bring results to the next level for your business!


#2 – Personal Connection Opportunities

One of the constant challenges that all businesses face is creating a personal connection with consumers, particularly when so much of their marketing is now in the digital world.  While video content marketing doesn’t replace an engaging face to face meeting or eliminate the need for a firm handshake, it does tend to bring some level of human connection and interaction into the webspace.  Being able to see a person on a video, hear their voice, and visually engage with their body language creates a message that is more memorable for most people. It often evokes more emotion than other types of media as well, making it more effective at “human” connections on so many levels.

Consider how many times you have watched a short video and literally laughed out loud at the content.  Or, conversely, the times you have watched a heart-tugging story, presented by way of video content, that brought the tale to new emotional levels for you as the viewer.  This is the connection power that video content marketing can create, when executed properly.


#3 – High Traffic Potentials

Everyone knows that a piece of commercial real estate located at a busy intersection or on a busy street is usually more desirable than a similar location of a distant side road.  Why?  Because the amount of traffic passing through space directly affects the potential amount of exposure that is received by those occupying that space. While not exactly the same thing in the digital world, it is important to note that the Cisco traffic projections reveal that in 2019, video content will account for about 80% of the global internet traffic.  In the United States, that percentage is even higher, projected at about 85% of the total traffic being linked to video content.

These staggering projections tell us that websites and marketing plans inclusive of video content will have the highest likelihood of traffic, especially in US markets, this year and in the future.  For those that are already investing in the video content marketing space, this could mean a positioning that is extremely valuable for their future.


#4 – Very Few Barriers to Entry

But how hard is it to get started in video content marketing?  Many people harbour the misconception that having a promotional video made is extremely costly, and requires much initial investment just to get started. There are also those that are hesitant to jump into the video content marketing scene, largely due to apprehensions that they will not have the skills required to properly execute, or that doing so will mean creating a dedicated video team or department within their organization.  The truth, though, is that in today’s technological world, there really are very few barriers to entry, and the skills and costs required to get started in video content marketing are minimal. 

If you are new to video content marketing, a great way to get started with professional quality videos is to utilize an easy video making tool, like this one from Renderforest.  These kinds of tools are especially simple for beginners, as they offer pre-made professional templates that allow a creator to simply choose what they like, customize it with their own content uploads and colors, and then quickly produce.  Once you have your video created, you can share with the world via your web page and social media channels of your liking in moments.

Author: Roman Daneghyan

Chief Marketing Officer at Renderforest, a Content Marketing Specialist and an Expert in SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Link Building. He enjoys sharing the experiences gained along working as a marketer and helping other entrepreneurs succeed. His works have been published on different blogs and mediums like Crazy Egg, Forbes, Upwork, ShareThis, etc.