The Italian utility sector is going through a phase of profound change, marked by greater competition and the progressive adoption of digital tools and marketing techniques.

Doxee has a proven track record of delivering digital services and solutions in this area. In fact, for years we have been providing Customer Communication Management services for global players in this sector. Doxee clients use our products and services to communicate with millions of customers every day.

The introduction of Doxee iX (Interactive eXperience) products allows us to help customers tackle Digital Customer Experience issues, offering the products and solutions that support customer engagement processes, and for some of the most important utility companies operating in the Italian market. At the bottom of the page, you can find a case study: Iren chooses Doxee Pvideo® to communicate with customers.

In recognition of the experience acquired in omnichannel strategy and Digital Customer Experience, I was called upon as Panel Leader to manage a roundtable discussion on these topics as part of the Utility Day 2018 event.


Omnichannel strategy and Digital Customer Experience – Utility Day 2018

The experience has been very interesting and has allowed us to understand where we are on these issues in Italy and the opportunities before us.

In the discussion, it immediately emerged that only a few companies in this sector have a digital strategy for customer loyalty and for business development in support of cross-selling and upselling strategies. An omnichannel strategy is still a distant goal, and only a few utility companies are actually creating a multi-channel customer journey.

One of the main concerns for these companies is the churn factor. In the utility sector, the cost of acquiring a new customer is high and it is justified only when the business relationship remains stable and if there is the possibility to grow the average revenue per unit through upselling and cross-selling strategies.

In this context, the adoption of services such as Doxee Pvideo® and Doxee Pweb® can accelerate the digitization process, limiting the investments required and enabling a rapid start for the customer engagement strategy, all while maintaining a high level of loyalty and using the same tools as part of a cross-selling strategy.

At Utility Day 2018 we were able to show how this strategy is already working effectively in many Telco companies, but also in many Utilities. The combined use of personalized videos and micro-sites has allowed companies such as Sorgenia to develop an innovative, interactive, and effective digital communication strategy towards the customer base in terms of engagement and therefore limit churn.


Doxee Pweb® 

A concrete example of this is the use of Doxee Pweb® for generating a custom micro-site created and distributed for each customer following the billing rate and using CRM data or internal information systems for creating the site itself. The micro-site can contain consumption data, indications to optimize customer spending, as well as access to customer care and loyalty processes implemented by the company.

Thanks to the features of Doxee Pweb®, the micro-site can be distributed through virtually any channel and used on the go through any type of device. The microsite can host a PDF copy of the bill, created through a CCM platform or service and in compliance with current legislation.

In addition to the most typical functions such as loyalty programs and customer care, all upselling and cross-selling processes can also be used, with the possibility of closing transactions directly on the Doxee Pweb® microsite and integrating the relative information flows with the company’s CRMs and information systems.

Currently, the use of this type of solution allows a rapid implementation of an engagement strategy with the customer base with two immediate benefits: Improvement in customer loyalty and an increase in average revenue per unit determined by the implementation of cross-selling processes.


As proof of the effectiveness of Doxee Interactive Experience (iX), click here and read our Iren case study:

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