The project for GORI SpA maximizes the Employee Experience

Doxee continues its commitment to the digital transformation of communication processes by developing a project for GORI S.p.A. for maximizing the employee experience.

GORI S.p.A. manages the Integrated Water Service of the Sarnese-Vesuviano District of Campania with the goal of ensuring efficient and cost effective management of water resources. The company aims to make the most of investments for improving infrastructure, especially innovative solutions for safeguarding the environment where its customers and employees interact.

The Coronavirus Prevention Committee at GORI chose Doxee Pvideo® to communicate interactive standards, tips, and insights to employees in order to ensure a peaceful and COVID-19 compliant work environment. The initiative reached 84% of employees. Thanks to the innovative technologies enabled by the Doxee Platform® that integrate and transform data to create new tools for engagement, personalization, and information sharing in simple and impactful ways, Doxee has supported the digital transformation of workplaces by defining new approaches to corporate communication that can concretely respond to the need for simplification, attractiveness, and facilitation of dialog between the company and its employees.
The goal is to increasingly involve employees by providing information that will help them work efficiently in remote locations or to be able to go to the workplace safely, by following protocols tailored to the location, tasks, and duties.
The recent agreement with GORI S.p.A. confirms Doxee’s attention and commitment in this wide scenario with the still largely unexpressed potential that the COVID-19 emergency has brought to light. Many companies like GORI S.p.A. have decided to invest in people and in the experience of their employees by adopting Doxee’s tools to improve internal communication, obtaining direct involvement, dedication, trust, and greater satisfaction in order to build stronger relationships even in times when normal interpersonal relationships in the workplace are more limited or digitized.

Giovanni Paolo Marati, CEO of GORI S.p.A. commented: “The interactive video designed and developed in collaboration with Doxee, thanks to the effectiveness and simplicity of the messages proposed, is an extremely useful tool for communicating fundamental information to employees related to behavior protocols within the organization and those for coming into contact with external users, in order to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.” 

Sergio Muratori Casali, CEO of Doxee, commented: “We continue to support companies that want to better address the ongoing changes in the workplace by introducing innovation and digital transformation to support the corporate culture, and to foster professional growth and employee well-being within the company. In a context where building stronger relationships even in times when in-person interactions in the workplace are more limited or become flexible and digitized, the demand for employee experience solutions such as the one developed for GORI is increasingly important for building inclusive cultures and resilient organizations.”

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