Doxee renewed the agreement with Iren. The three-year partnership aims to promote support for processes to improve the customer experience.

Doxee has extended its relationship with Iren Mercato S.p.a., a multi-utility distributor of electricity, gas, thermal energy for district heating, integrated water services management and environmental services, through a new three-year 2022-2024 agreement to continue supporting digital transformation processes for improving Iren’s customer experience.

The long-standing relationship between Doxee and Iren Mercato S.p.a. is further strengthened thanks to Iren’s choice to continue with the investments in the digitalization of the customer journey and of communications. Iren Mercato S.p.a. has always been committed to providing innovative services for all Group’s customers, with a view toward continuously improving customer care services. The enrichment of the user experience, thanks to the support of Doxee interactive experience technologies, is a fundamental step that combines innovation, sustainability, and consumer centricity through increasingly effective communication that responds to the expectations of each user in a timely and personalized manner.  

Doxee’s products will enable Iren Mercato S.p.a. to address challenges related to the digital transformation of communication processes, improving both the quality and variety of digital services by involving an increasing number of customers.

Lorenzo Sessa, Director of Innovative Products, Marketing and Commercial Communications, Iren, commented: “We strongly believe in the collaboration with Doxee, which has just been renewed for another three years. In Doxee, we have found a reliable and innovative partner that is supporting us on the path of building digital customer journeys that are aimed at offering our customers the best content for targeted and personalized engagement.

Sergio Muratori Casali, CEO of Doxee, commented: “Technology and innovation are essential elements of Doxee’s DNA. For our clients, we aim to be a reliable partner by offering products capable of creating a real competitive advantage as well as enabling sustainable growth. Iren Mercato S.p.a. represents a forward-looking example of a company that fully grasps the importance and strategic nature of communication to its customers by exploiting the potential offered by digitization to ensure personalized content that is always available, at any time. We are proud to help reshape the B2C communications landscape by helping enterprise and SME companies become increasingly digital to ride the opportunity of the great digital transformation taking place.

Communication aimed at end customers is rapidly evolving to become more complex and articulated, as users themselves are changing and demanding changes in the dynamics of their interactions with the companies they do business with. Transparency, immediacy, and relevance are just some of the features of these new ways of communicating with consumers that companies must leverage. Doxee interactive experience products play exactly this role by transforming traditional interactions between company and end customer into a fundamental tool that enhances the customer experience by creating moments of bi-directional relationship and unambiguous conversations between the company and its users.

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