Bringing Customer Experience to the energy meter.

Engineering has used the Doxee Interactive Experience solution to widen the perimeter of its offering for Billing and CRM process management based on the Net@SUITE solution, making effective, engaging communications possible at every point of contact in the Customer Journey.

Communications are transferred from paper to the web, from the letterbox to the smartphone, becoming personalised welcome videos, interactive bills and promotional upsell videos for targeted marketing campaigns. Personalisation, engagement and interactivity are now the keywords that transform mere accounting formalities into value-added communications, increasing users’ satisfaction and retention.

Today businesses can know what is happening as soon as communications leave their systems, to measure their approval ratings and effectiveness by analysing user behaviour. Proof of this comes from the Personalised Italian TV Licence Video project, created to explain the recent changes in the regulations, launched in less than a month for some Engineering customers. The video, personalised with the recipient’s name and address and sent by email and TXT, has been more than 500% more effective than the industry benchmark for conventional marketing campaigns*, showing that videos and personalisation have a significant multiplier effect.

More than 150 active customer businesses, half Italy’s energy meters covered, in-depth knowledge of the Energy market’s specific processes and a technological solution for managing key corporate processes make Engineering the ideal partner for businesses of all size in this industry, from local players to the major nationwide distributors.

Doxee offers the Utility world its Customer Communication Management, Customer Experience Management and Paperless solutions, managing the production, sending, delivery and e-storage flow for some of Italy’s biggest industry players. With its native Cloud proprietary technology, quickly integrating with the existing applicational ecosystem, Doxee enables digital transformation projects fast, with no need for investments in architecture.


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