Doxee sponsored Enlit Europe 2021

Doxee was pleased to sponsor Enlit Europe 2021, the first end-to-end conference and trade show for energy professionals supporting the energy transition in Europe. The event brought together the Utility industry’s top leaders, innovators, and revolutionaries online and in person in Milan from November 30 to December 2. Enlit, the new unifying brand for European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe, is a community that collaborates and generates innovation to solve the most urgent energy issues. 

From source to generation, from grid to consumer, the boundaries of the energy sector are reducing, in an evolution that involves established Utility players, innovators, innovative start-ups, and increasingly aware end users. 

Until recently, companies in the utility sector have based their competitive strategies on price leverage through the supply of low price services that guarantee greater continuity, reliability, and progressive ease of access and use for the end user, traditionally considered a passive actor. Today, utilities are facing a radical change: the focus has been completely shifted to issues such as sustainability, environmental responsibility, transparency, attention to the individual customer, and digitization, and companies in this sector must implement a radical change of strategy and business paradigm, starting from a new digital culture.

Digital technologies are able to provide utilities with the right tools to respond to new market needs and to interact with individual customers who now need integrated, innovative, and simple solutions that facilitate the use of services and companies that put them at the center. This is why it is essential to offer the best customer care possible: personalized customer care. In this way, companies can achieve the best results in terms of engagement and loyalty and significantly reduce customer churn. 

Doxee’s participation was co-financed by the incentives provided by the European Fund for Regional Development (DGR N. 1270/2020 – POR FESR 2014-2020 – Asse 3), through a total contribution of €10,000, which supports Doxee in searching for European partners interested in the Doxee cloud services, especially those in the Utility sector.

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