The report, Forrester Tech Tide™: Video Technologies for Customer And Employee Experience, Q1 2019, analyzes and describes the features and benefits of using video technologies for Enterprise Experience and Customer Experience.

Forrester highlights how video can be an important driver of collaboration and communication to improve the experience of customers, employees, and prospects. It analyzes the latest technologies, such as 360-degree video, augmented reality (AR), digital asset management (DAM), enterprise video platforms (EVP), personalized videos, and content delivery networks (CDN).

Doxee has been recognized as a leading “vendor” for its personalized video platform. Although a relatively new technology, the personalized video is widely recognized as an effective tool for providing an interactive viewer experience.

The combination of data and content results in personalized experiences and involvement with the viewer: Videos from Doxee Pvideo® are distinguished by their ability to attract the attention of the most distracted consumer by providing a unique experience. With Doxee, customers can easily create animated videos with text, images, and audio that are completely personalized according to the characteristics—sociodemographic and geographic—preferences associated with each recipient. Doxee Pvideo® is a highly interactive tool that leverages user behavior to modify and guide the narration in real time and provide an even more unique and engaging experience, making the user the star of the narration.

Forrester recognizes personalized videos as a valuable tool that companies operating in sectors such as financial services and utilities can use to create a positive impression of the brand from a business and customer point of view. Personalized videos are identified in the report as one of the main trends in the development of digital strategies for customer loyalty in the enterprise environment.

Doxee is proud to have been identified among the video technology vendors that can provide corporate customers with service for improving the experience of customers and employees.

To find out more, read the Forrester Tech Tide™ report.


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