Doxee has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ISV Accelerate program, a co-sell program for AWS Partners who provide software solutions that run on or integrate with AWSdedicated to the global business development of AWS Partners 

With the AWS ISV Accelerate program, Doxee can immediately draw on AWS resources and sales process support, and easily gain access to millions of active AWS customers with AWS field sellers globally. The co-selling activities between the respective sales teams will focus on the development of new multi-region business opportunities and greater visibility in the cloud market, while enhancing Doxee’s technical expertise and its unique offering for the digital customer experience and the dematerialization of compliance processes.
Joining the AWS ISV Accelerate program strengthens Doxee’s relationship with AWS. Operational agility, business continuity, and service scalability are just some of the benefits that Doxee can offer its customers as an AWS Advanced Technology Partnerone of the first ISVs to obtain this designation in Italy and one of the first global solution providers for Customer Communications Management that is completely and natively built in the cloud. 
Enrico Celotto, CMO, Doxee, commented: “Our relationship with AWS has grown over time, driven by the need to be competitive in markets where we have a consolidated leadership position, typically in the enterprise segment, and in sectors where digital transformation is progressively pushing companies and public entities to rapidly adopt innovative technologies based on high performance cloud infrastructures. The AWS ISV Accelerate program opens us to new global business horizons. This opportunity is another important recognition for Doxee. It is a source of pride to develop joint initiatives between the Doxee and AWS sales teams in the coming months, both locally and internationally”
In addition, because of the company’s constant commitment to providing solutions for the public administration sector, which includes significant investments in technology development, Doxee has achieved AWS Public Sector Partner status, which allows it to further guarantee reliability to public entities in offering the latest generation of AWS solutions and services. 


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