Doxee has achieved another important recognition by becoming one of only two AWS Technology Partners certified in the public sector in Italy. Doxee is a longstanding partner of the Italian public sector where we have provided innovative and personalized digital communication solutions to help improve and simplify the lives of citizens.

Throughout Italy, many local governments—the cities of Milan, Genoa, and Bologna to name a few—have chosen to employ personalized videos – Doxee Pvideo® – in their citizen communication strategy. Personalized videos have been used to facilitate the collection of the waste tax (known as TARI), communicating how the tax is calculated and how revenue is used in a way that is easy to understand, and giving citizens the opportunity to pay their tax online, directly from the video.

Public administrations are also using personalized videos to alert citizens that their identity card is expiring and to inform them on how to obtain the new Electronic Identity Card (EID). The highly personalized and interactive communication reduces the use of paper-based communications, increases registrations for digital users on the portal, and, above all, brings citizens closer to their local government.

Through its demonstrated experience in providing quality government solutions, AWS recognizes Doxee as an experienced and reliable partner for the public sector. Being an AWS Public Sector Partner allows us to support our public sector customers with even more innovative, scalable, and cost-effective solutions.


Doxee: An AWS Advanced Technology Partner

Doxee was the first ISV in Italy to obtain AWS Advanced Technology Partner certification; since then it has been providing successful solutions based on the AWS platform with a high level of sales, technical, marketing, and go-to-market support.

We use our cloud expertise to assist customers in their Digital Transformation and Dematerialization processes, supporting them at every stage of the journey towards an effective, innovative, and engaging Digital Customer Experience.


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