Doxee has been named among significant customer communications management providers in the 2022 Aspire CCM/CXM Leaderboard.

The excellent technological & functional performances of the Doxee Platfor allow the Company to fall into the categories Anyprem CCM Software, Vendor Hosted SaaS and Communication Experience Platform

Doxee has been included, for the fifth consecutive year, in the 2022 Aspire Leaderboard for AnyPrem CCM Software, released by Aspire, a leading international analyst and consulting firm specializing in Customer Communications Management and Customer Experience Management.

The 2022 Aspire CCM – CXM Leaderboard is an interactive comparison tool that dynamically visualizes the top global provider CCM provider landscape. It offers the newly updated ranking of CCM/CXM providers, enabling users to view and evaluate global players based on their individual needs.

In addition to the category Anyprem CCM Software, Doxee has been ranked in the Vendor Hosted SaaS CCM, among the 16 global providers as well as in the Communication Experience Platform category. Doxee has been mentioned by Aspire as a long-standing provider of high-quality CCM offering, based on scalable cloud architectures and good uptake among some of the largest enterprises in Europe.

 Kaspar Roos, Founder & CEO of Aspire, commented: “Doxee is a long-standing provider of high-quality CCM solutions. Its solutions are based on scalable cloud architectures and have seen good uptake among some of the largest enterprises in Europe. Doxee software is also suited for smaller environments, especially when considering its digital experience technology offering. Going forward, Aspire expects Doxee to expand more aggressively into marketing automation and electronic invoicing, and to utilize AI and machine learning capabilities beyond its Doxee ix platform. For enterprises that are looking for scalable, cloud-based, end-to-end customer communications technology, with a focus on interactive (dynamic) use-cases, Doxee is an excellent choice.”

Aspire highlighted some relevant key characteristics of the Doxee Platform:

  • The Doxee Platform is morphing into what we define as a CXP – a set of capabilities covering various communication use cases across the customer lifecycle with the primary aim of improving recipients’ perception of the brand. The Doxee platform supports composition, personalized videos, analytics, electronic payments, and more.
  • Doxee Booster is a new marketing automation solution designed to help customers unlock more value from their personalized videos and web landing pages. It dynamically segments customers based on their interests, provides lead scoring, offers advanced analytics, and comes with automated workflows.
  • Doxee enables data capture capabilities embedded into its personalized video functionality, allowing more conversational interactions.
  • Customers can integrate payment service features into personalized videos for fast and convenient processing.
  • Doxee comes with a strong integration framework, as integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS)
  • Doxee partners with Messagepoint to support better content management for ad-hoc or correspondence use cases.

Doxee products are enabled by Doxee Platform®, which is a fully cloud-based and highly scalable platform. It allows the management of a variety of use cases, from typical transactions to innovative scenarios such as electronic payment management, personalized experience through interactive video content, conversational messaging, and the digitization of CRM processes.


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