Doxee was named in the Forrester report: “Now Tech: Online Video Platforms For B2B Marketing and Sales, Q2 2019”, an overview of 35 video platform providers for marketing and sales,  June 21, 2019.

The ability of video to attract attention with engaging and interactive content is leading to increased adoption of online video platforms in a B2B environment.

To make the most of this powerful medium, companies rely on platform providers that provide creative and process expertise to ensure the success of their video marketing campaigns. 

The Forrester report  cites three key reasons why B2B marketers should adopt video as a means of communication. With videos, companies can:   

  • Create more empathetic and relevant content: Videos emotionally engage viewers better than any other format
  • Tell customer stories more authentically: when it comes to making purchasing decisions, customers prefer testimonials from others. Videos can create a human connection and are seen as reliable;
  • Make sellers more “human”: Sales needs content that helps them attract the right audience and reduces the gap between sales and customers. Videos make sellers closer, more interesting, and more human.

Forrester’s Now Tech offers a comprehensive overview of the market to help companies select the right provider based on size and functionality, based on two factors:

  • Revenues from the production, distribution, use and monitoring of video
  • Features to support the effective use of video content in sales and marketing activities

Forrester has recognized Doxee among the audience engagement functionality segment.
Doxee is one of the global video platform providers especially for the utility, telco, and public administration sectors, thanks to the product Doxee Pvideo® of the interactive experience line. 

Doxee Pvideo® allows you to efficiently convey messages in an engaging and memorable way. With Doxee, it’s easy to create animated videos with fully adaptable text, images, and audio with content tailored to each recipient’s characteristics, preferences, and demographic, psychographic, and geographic data. The sequence of the video scenes can also be influenced in real time according to the user’s interaction, maximizing his involvement.

Doxee Pvideo® combines the use of advanced technologies such as AI and Machine Learning with storytelling to make videos an essential part of our customers’ marketing mix and to help them create an innovative and differentiated Digital Customer Experience.

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