As part of the paperless experience product line, Doxee launches a new portal dedicated to making the management of electronic invoicing, digital storage, and electronic ordering (NSO) processes simple and complete.

The launch of the new tool for managing compliance processes related to dematerialization is part of Doxee’s overall strategy of expansion in B2B, SMB (Small Medium Business), and SME (Small Medium Enterprise) markets for the use of simple and efficient tools for process management.

The new portal also makes available Electronic Ordering (NSO), the new product of Doxee recently launched and dedicated to the management of e-procurement processes aimed at Public Administration.

The new Doxee portal for electronic invoicing has analytics tools and customizable dashboards that allow users to monitor the entire life cycle of invoices and electronic orders in real-time, managing the processes of sending and results with functions that make it easy to create, edit and approve individual invoices. Thanks to its native integration with Doxee Legal Electronic Archive, a product in its paperless experience line, the customer also has the necessary tools for managing processes related to the replacement storage of electronic documents.

The new portal further enriches the features of the Doxee Platform, the company’s main technological asset and the result of the company’s continued commitment to research and development. The Doxee Platform has been designed according to the API-first paradigm, an extremely efficient and innovative way to make customers’ systems communicate directly with the Doxee Platform. Thanks to this feature, the Electronic Invoicing and Electronic Order products are natively predisposed to the integration with companies’ mission-critical systems, opening the px product line to the international market. 

Enrico Celotto, Chief Marketing Officer of Doxee, commented: “We have always been careful to encourage a positive experience for our customers. The new portal is a concrete response to the requirements of SME and SMB companies who need their administrative staff to be able to carry out the monitoring and management of invoicing processes with ease and agility and in full autonomy. For Doxee, this represents an opportunity that opens us to new prospects for business development in Italy and in international markets.


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