Doxee and ENGIE, a global leader for low-carbon energy and services, (today) announce that, during the COVID-19 emergency, they have further consolidated their partnership for the digital transformation of processes and communication channels.

The collaboration between Doxee and ENGIE has focused on digitization for enhancing customer relationships and improving the customer experience. ENGIE has always invested in innovative technologies such as those offered by Doxee, which enable the creation of advanced and personalized digital communications, while offering the complete digitization of mission-critical utilities processes.

The COVID-19 emergency has highlighted the pragmatism of this approach, which increasingly makes paper-based communication processes and traditional communication channels obsolete. 

On this point, Enrico Celotto, Marketing Director of Doxee, commented: “Digital transformation is an unstoppable process that is oriented towards efficiency and simplification. The COVID-19 emergency is acting as an accelerator of digitization. Companies like ENGIE who have advanced digital processes already in place are accelerating the digital transformation by simplifying payment processes, reducing the time-to-market of new initiatives, and creating new digital services and channels”.

The campaign was launched at the beginning of the COVID-19 emergency with the goal of reaching customers who are accustomed to using traditional channels and encouraging them to use more direct, streamlined, simple, and sustainable digital communication.  The two main digital channels, email and SMS, have also been enhanced to send communications.

Monica Iacono, B2C Business Line Director at ENGIE, commented: “We have chosen to take care of our customers with a series of initiatives such as the launch of the new #App to enhance e-payment and customer support on #WhatsApp. We want to increasingly reduce the distance with our customers in order to simplify the relationship, provide useful information and rapid support, and make it easier for customers to become familiar with the new online contract management methods. Of course, the digitization of services also goes in the direction of accelerating the transition to a carbon-neutral economy.
Thanks to the adoption of Doxee Pweb®, every user has received personalized digital communication, and ENGIE has been able to further simplify communication management processes, thus improving the customer experience and facilitating payment processes.
The collaboration between Doxee and ENGIE continues with the establishment of a joint working group for the continuation of further Digital Transformation projects, confirming the great relevance of these issues and the common strategy oriented towards digital transformation shared by both Doxee and ENGIE.

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