Doxee has been included among the main protagonists in the IDC Marketscape: Worldwide Customer Communications Management 2022 Vendor Assessment

Doxee (DOX: IM) has been included as a Major Player in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Customer Communications Management (CCM) 2022 Vendor Assessment, released by IDC, a prestigious global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets.

Doxee has been named among the most relevant global CCM providers according to the IDC study. Doxee is constantly investing in technological and application innovation to enrich and extend the potential of the Doxee Platform® in order to provide customers with the agility and flexibility to manage multichannel personalized customer experience strategies with an increasingly customized, automated approach, thus overcoming the limitations and role of traditional CCM systems.

IDC MarketScape provided an assessment of 13 cloud-based customer communications management application vendors that emphasize the delivery of multichannel, personalized, and interactive communications to improve customer experience. This study, based on a rigorous framework, highlights the factors expected to be the most influential for buyers to define a connected customer communication strategy and it defines a very short list of vendors best suited for their industry, company size, and technology environment.

Enrico Celotto, CMO of Doxee, comments “We are very proud to be included in the 2022 IDC MarketScape as Major Player. Being named in this prestigious shortlist is a significant accomplishment for us that highlights before the market and stakeholders our Doxee’s constant commitment to investing and developing new products and technologies, supporting the success of our customers. Today more than ever we are witnessing a radical shift from traditional document generation to a more immersive customer-engaged form of communication, including an incredible shift for on-demand and interaction-driven use-cases. Organizations are asking for technological and strategic support to find new ways to engage their customers with interactive conversations, and personalized communications across all digital channels, leveraging the incredible richness of data they own across their complex application map. The market scenario requires a new vision for the CCM platform design to support the deep transformation of communication processes through new technologies. As one of the CCM Mayor Players Doxee is strongly committed in stepping forward to support the digital transition”.

Doxee has been recognized as the first CCM vendor to adopt a full native cloud enterprise-grade architecture, enabling both SaaS and PaaS business models. Doxee enables business users in creating and delivering outbound communications to a variety of audiences by providing a broad set of prebuilt templates, content components, and design themes based on the Doxee Platform®.

Digital transformation is forcing organizations to reconsider, create and deliver positive communication experiences to their customers whose changing needs and expectations influence on choices of their suppliers, including banks, insurance companies, and utilities. This has a direct influence on choices and it impacts the organizational structures and the spending for investments in new technologies as highlighted by a recent survey by IDC showing that 71% of organizations have been implementing a digital-first strategy as a result of the market changes. Doxee has exactly this commitment in its mission which is to support companies in their digital transformation journey by designing products to enable the digital customer experience for a wide variety of use cases, from typical transactions to innovative scenarios such as electronic payment management through personalized experience based on interactive video content, conversational messaging, and the digitization of CRM processes.

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