Since Monday, March 9, in light of the latest events, Doxee has been working almost completely remotely. However, Smart Working is not entirely new to our company, which has been implementing agile work in all of its departments for several months now. One of these is our Service Operations department. Today, we are talking about Smart Working with Andrea Rampoldi, Director of Service Operations at Doxee.


1. Your team is working in agile mode. Can you tell us what that means for your team?

For us, Smart Working means that we have a team that works according to our objectives and our tools are suitable for remote measurement, as they can be used both via laptop and mobile. The Agile model allows us to govern the process effectively and ensures that we are constantly sharing priorities. These are fundamental when managing highly critical services for enterprise-class companies. 


2. Doxee has already embraced this philosophy. Do you think that this difficult moment could spur other companies to adopt technologies and organizational processes that allow them to embrace Smart Working?

I’m convinced that companies who are able to apply an effective Smart Working model will be able to see productivity benefits. This will certainly act as a driver for greater use of the tool in the future. Unfortunately, the current situation does not allow employees to fully utilize their share of the benefit, as mobility is limited to a minimum, but there is every reason to continue to use this model in the future, which will also show quality of life improvements as well. 


3. In this new way of rethinking work, what role does technology and the ability to innovate play for a hi-tech company like Doxee? 

Technology is at the heart of this path. Thanks to our Doxee Platform, we are able to provide services with a completely “As a Service” model. We have the ability to monitor each phase of production remotely, to intervene effectively if we need to resolve any problems, and to develop solutions that our customers require. The operational processes that we have developed over the years and for which we are of course certified, allow our different areas to work in a coordinated manner, while ensuring maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Communication software allows people to feel close even if they are physically far away, and on this front (videoconference, chat, etc..) there is now a huge amount of choice. Given all the prerequisites, then you need the fuel that allows this to work, and it is precisely this spirit of innovation inside Doxee that allows each of us to approach every change with curiosity and a desire to learn, at any age. With a well organized team like ours, there are no challenges that cannot be overcome.