Doxee Pvideo® is a formidable tool for simultaneously improving customer experience and improving the renewal rate of your subscription campaigns. When it comes to strengthening your relationships with customers, companies are using personalized video to provide a new level of connection with customers.

The internet and social networks have profoundly changed the way people search for information on products and services. The availability of easily accessible content has made users more demanding and less tolerant of a poor customer experience. At the same time, with customer attention spans at an all-time low, the window available to influence users’ behavior is also smaller, which means that brands have to make their customer communications count.

The key is understanding what your users are doing and having granular data on their habits and on larger trends in order to reach them. In general, companies have to pursue two main goals: to create engaging and personalized content and to make sure that their communications stand out and capture the customer’s attention.

In this sense, a truly useful and effective tool is Doxee’s personalized video service. Starting from the careful analysis of the customer journey, with Doxee, users can create personalized videos with relevant content that reach the user at just the right time. Doxee solutions make the user experience truly interactive and make it easy to improve the renewal rate for your subscription campaigns.

After all, video is undoubtedly the best tool to communicate on the web. One-third of users surf the web by watching a video. They do so for entertainment, to access specific information and to learn. Many brands are now incorporating video in their communications in order to increase brand awareness.

Reaching customers with highly contextualized and personalized videos also has an impact on the quality of the customer experience. Every user wants to have an active role in each phase of the customer journey. Doxee personalized videos allow customers to be part of the story.


How can Doxee personalized videos help to improve the renewal rate?


1. Reinforcement of the DEM

Doxee personalized videos are a great way to enrich your Direct Email Marketing (DEM), your own automatic email delivery service.

Statistics show that each user who receives an email containing a video will usually watch that video through to the end and also read the information in the email itself. Thanks to a storytelling approach that is focused on the user, personalized videos create a relationship of empathy between the customer and the brand, which results in better connections and greater loyalty. As a result, an email that includes a personalized video will keep customers engaged and more likely to renew.


2. Personalized microsite pages

Many campaigns start in the inbox and navigate users onto a dedicated web page. With Doxee, personalized videos can be integrated into micro landing pages, reducing costs in terms of corporate IT resources used, since it is not necessary to provide an ad hoc page for each user or target. In this way, it is easier and cheaper to provide personalized content.

The speed of creation, delivery and modification makes this tool particularly suitable for fast moving consumer goods retailers.

Furthermore, the combination of personalized microsite pages and Doxee video content has a positive impact on conversion rate, customer engagement and the renewal rate.


3. Welcome video

Doxee personalized videos are useful even after the customer has purchased the product.

Some services may require further explanation and clarification to help the customer better understand how to benefit from the product or the service purchased.

Doxee allows you to create personalized Welcome videos with simple, direct and clear information about products or services.

Furthermore, personalization allows you to make complex information more comprehensible and to highlight the most important things that the customer needs to know.


4. Billing and account statements

Billing and reporting have always required a series of complex communications that inevitably result in a considerable amount of documentation. From the consumer’s point of view, this type of communication often appears difficult and uncomfortable: a real waste of time and effort.

Doxee personalized video can be a good tool for presenting invoices and reports in a direct and engaging way. In addition, video allows you to filter and select the most important information.

The customization offered by Doxee allows users to modify the dynamics of the storyboard so they can choose which scenes to include. In this way, you can provide a unique, comprehensible and decidedly engaging experience while respecting the technical requirements established by law.


5. Personalized “How to” videos

Doxee personalized videos are a great tool for providing customer supportCustomer care is essential for providing a lasting and satisfying customer relationship but it also represents a cost that must be managed.

Doxee personalized videos allow you to deal with this problem by providing content that adapts to customers’ needs, guiding them step by step. Doing so, the customer has the immediate perception of using content designed specifically for him.

All of this translates into a strengthening of the relationship of trust and an improvement in the general sentiment towards the company, which is perceived as getting your brand closer and more attentive to the problems of customers.