Poste Italiane selects Doxee Pvideo® for sharing its new Libretto Smart with customers 

The digital revolution in the banking sector is rapidly changing the sector, from business models to all the way banks communicate. Today Poste Italiane is no longer just the postal operator of reference in Italy, it has become important in the world of telephony, insurance, and banking. Poste Italiane has decided to ride the wave of change imposed by the digital revolution by innovating some of its traditional products. Of course, new business models and new products also require a change in communication when facing new markets.

For this reason, Poste Italiane contacted Doxee to access the technological excellence necessary to communicate the availability of new digital products for new markets in an innovative way. Poste Italiane’s overall strategy is aimed at exploiting digitization to make its processes more efficient through the use of new technologies and, at the same time, to offer innovative digital products that provide an effective and engaging digital customer experience. 

The Libretto Smart is born

Poste Italiane launched the “Libretto Smart” as part of its overall strategy of making its products digital. Libretto Smart is the digital version of the famous account where generations of Italians have entrusted their savings for decades. Libretto Smart has been designed for new generations of customers, such as Generation Z and Millennials, and it therefore needed to change how it would communicate with new generations of customers. To do so, they would want to take advantage of technology that would allow them to communicate in a more effective and engaging way, through an interactive and personalized tool: Doxee Pvideo®.

Libretto Smart and new communication for Poste Italiane

Doxee and Poste Italiane created a campaign based on Doxee Pvideo® to communicate with customers during the on-boarding phase. The video aims first of all to communicate the functionalities and features of the product and also to improve the customer experience through a precise, direct, personalized, and interactive communication. Each customer receives a personalized video based on their profile and data, enriched with different content and scenes depending on the services subscribed at the time of activation. Thanks to Doxee Pvideo®, users can perform actions while watching the video itself, which works to communicate in a simple and accessible way so that customers do not have to consult the post office or customer service for additional assistance. This results in a significant reduction in product management costs, all to the benefit of efficiency and user experience.  

This strategy has improved how Poste Italiane is perceived by new generations of customers who see it as modern, attentive to each customer, and part of an exclusive relationship with the company. For Poste Italiane, the needs and desires of each customer are a unique opportunity to improve relationships and to offer a personalized service thanks to the adoption of Doxee Pvideo® technology.

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Poste Italiane chooses Doxee Pvideo® for customer communication

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