The digital transformation journey begins here

Doxee has been a recognized leader in Customer Communication Management for 20 years, also thanks to its own technology platform. Using the same set of data from your billing system, we are able to send the electronic invoice to the SdI according to the highest quality standards, archive it in accordance with the law, and at the same time, send it directly to the customer in the form of a dynamic and interactive document, through which customers can view invoice details, sign up for new offers and services, and rapidly access more the Invoices and Fees section where they can find the electronic document. Doxee offers the perfect combination of regulatory compliance and a valuable digital experience. We’ll help you create the communication experience you need to convey your messages and encourage your customers to take action.

We can supply perfectly integrated services: 

  • an ETL module for data extraction and manipulation that is able to read any format and easily integrate with ERP applications 
  • a document production engine, both batch for large volumes and on-demand high performance, able to give shape, substance, and value to transactional data.
  • A system for monitoring the entire process, including personalized reporting.

Active Electronic Invoicing

Doxee’s compliant digital preservation services have been supporting hundreds of companies for more than 10 years in a perfectly compliant, simple and fast way, reducing the costs of issuing and distributing documents to private individuals and public administrations.

  1. We receive billing flows in any source format, with the ability to integrate directly with billing systems via iPaaS or API calls.
  2. We generate the XML invoice format in accordance with SdI requirements, with or without a PDF attachment. At this stage, we carry out formal checks before sending invoices to the SdI, to anticipate rejections and therefore delays in the billing processes. We also affix the qualified electronic signature of the issuing party to XML invoices through an automatic signature procedure and HSM signature devices in accordance with the Digital Administration Code with delegated application access.
  3. We send electronic invoices to the SdI
  4. We receive and manage every receipt sent by the SdI of each individual invoice, both in the simplified PR version and in the full PA versionfor which we provide a web interface to modify the invoices rejected by the recipient so that they can be sent again without having to change the master data, to reissue the invoices, and forward them back to the SdI.
  5. We automatically archive all receipts on Doxee LEA, our compliant digital archiving service. The information contained in the receipts is made available via web interface, or reporting.
  6. As an integrated service available upon request, we digitally store PA/PR invoices in XML format on Doxee LEA. Digital storage applies to all invoices sent, even those that are unsuccessful, and it allows extraction via API, or automatic formatting of the invoice even if it does not contain attachments.

Passive electronic invoicing

  1. We receive passive invoice flows in standard XML PA/PR format, issued by the assignors/providers to clients who have joined our service.
  2. We transmit the following to our customers:
  • XML invoice flows
  • XML invoice streams with additional metadata files in another formats, such as csv
  • XML invoice flows with a PDF version obtained from the automatic conversion of the XML format using the official SdI format, or customized
  1. Alternately, we will notify the recipient of the receipt of the passive invoices and make them available for consultation.
  2. We manage receipts to the SdI, which is not necessary in the case of PR electronic invoices.
  3. All receipts entered to the SdI are automatically digitally stored on Doxee LEA.
  4. As an on-demand integrated service, we digitally store PA/PR invoices in XML format on Doxee LEA, as follows:
  • we immediately archive the electronic invoices once received by the SdI.
  • we wait for the recipient to send the e-invoices once they have been recorded in the accounts, enriched with metadata and other indexing fields, such as the protocol number.

Integrate with standard compliant digital archiving

  • efficient and secure payment methods: Doxee guarantees interoperability by generating the payment report, the archiving package, and the distribution package according to technical requirements and the UNI SINCRO 11386:2010 standard. Automated verification of document legibility.
  • monitoring of processes and reporting
  • log management for compliance with regulations on the System Administrator and traceability of operations of the delegated conservation officer and his delegates
  • research, consultation, verification, and online legislative authority with document access and download functionality, request and export of distribution packages, hash verification, signature verification, time validation verification, management of corrective and supplementary attachments. Possible activation of web service
  • flexibility of activation, standardization, and automation of procedures
  • the service follows the customer throughout the process: in the delivery model, for all responsibilities and names, in indexing activities, for functions such as document and archive migration
  • supervision and auditing of the Doxee Competency Centre with the drafting of the Doxee Conservation Manual and subsequent updates. Compliance and quality.

Competency Center for Dematerialization

Doxee’s Competency Center for Digitization, Dematerialization, Electronic Billing, and Digital Archiving Services is one of the key differentiators in the Doxee Paperless Experience offering. For a decade, the Doxee Competency Center is a national authority, offering itself as a supplier, partner, and consultant specialized in regulations, training, and auditing for different areas of application and in different regulatory contexts and markets.

The consulting services offered by the Competency Center are provided in collaboration with other Doxee services are defined for the following areas:

  • preliminary analysis and feasibility studies of digitization and dematerialization processes
  • assessment and audit of the existing digital archiving system in accordance with the law
  • support for activation, such as legislative and contractual obligations, appointments, and proxies
  • support for the preparation of appeals to the competent authorities
  • drafting of formal opinions
  • training and support services to support the Conservation Manager
  • assistance in the event of checks and inspections and for issuing  authentic notarial extracts from accounting documents
  • support for substitution transfer processes
  • support for migration processes

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